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It does not matter what is the type of your complexion. Regardless of whether you are fair-skinned or dark-skinned, you must apply a good quality sun protection lotion during all the seasons, to avoid getting tanned. If you do not want to be affected with dry and freckled skin, you must use an umbrella and a high quality sunscreen cream that does not alter the texture of your skin.

What are the different ways that you can apply to protect your skin from sun?

  • Apart from wearing loose cotton dresses during the scorching summer seasons, you must also drink lots of water for skin protection during all seasons. Hygienic foods, plenty of fluids and a good quality day cream all work wonders for maintaining the softness of your skin.
  • You must use organic and natural skin lotions that are light, and that do not create an oily layer on your skin. If you do want to protect your skin from the sun, and yet maintain the pH balance of the skin, then you should make it a point to apply a sunscreen lotion or cream that has the sun-protection factor of 40 and above. This ensures that your skin remains fresh, supple and spotless even during the hottest summer months.

  • It is never advised to go out directly into the scorching sun, as this can damage your skin cells and also make you blind. So apart from using soft and pastel-colored clothes, it is also that you must keep yourself hydrated for a long time. Anti-tan skin serums and the proper intake of fluids like juices, yogurt and raw and juicy fruits also help to maintain your body balance, and they also prepare your skin for going out into the sun.

How to prevent skin cancer by applying good quality anti-tan lotion?

It is very important to apply a good quality anti-tan serum or lotion on all the exposed parts of your skin, to reduce the damage to skin cells, and to protect your skin from freckles, spots, wrinkles and brown pigmentation. If you want to avoid skin cancer in future, then you must apply some raw ingredients like the juice or lemon or tomato on your skin, to nullify the bad effects of sun damage .

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