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Feet are the most used and the neglected body part of the body. When it comes to your hygiene, you always take care of your hands. You must always remember that clean and pampered feet are as important as clean hands. Looking after your feet and toenails is an important part of your body hygiene. Regular pedicure is necessary for cleaning dead skin and removing the dirt. This helps to keep your feet clean and smell great.

How to pedicure?

Pedicure focuses on removing the dead skin and the dirt from the feet and toenails. Proper foot care products must be used andproper procedure must be followed.

  • Give yourself a foot massage

Start with a foot massage to pamper yourself. Stretch your toes and you may use foot oil to loosen your soles. It is an effective technique to relax the muscles of your feet.

  • Wash your feet

Feet tend to get dirty and sweaty very frequently. Thus, it is necessary to wash feet with warm water and foot care product to remove dirt and bacteria. Rubbing nails is equally important as feet. Washing feet daily before sleep is also a sign of good hygiene.

  • Trim your toenails

Toenails must be trimmed to remove dirt and bacteria. Any infection or injury must be healed with proper foot care product. Proper foot oil must be applied to cuticles to moisture the area.

  • Moisturise your feet daily

You must moisturise your feet daily with proper foot moisturiser. It helps to keep your feet soft and smooth. Extra moisture between the toes can cause fungus. Thus, take care of it.

Why is pedicure important

Hygiene is one of the main reasons of cleaning and pampering your feet. There are other benefits too, by the same.

  • Retains skin moisture

Gradually, feet skin loses its moisture and has a tendency to develop cracks. Thus, pedicure helps to avoid the same, with proper foot care products.

  • Helps to decrease stress

Foot massage helps to relax the body as well as the body. It helps to get rid of tiredness and provide better blood circulation.

  • Look visually pleasing

Pedicure results in glowing feet and clean toes. Thus, you can carry different footwear with more confidence. You can also apply any nail polish to make your feet more glowing.

When to pedicure

Pedicure must be done at least once in a week. If you notice any dry skin or cracks in your feet, you should surely have a pedicure. It helps to feel more healthy and happy.

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