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Moisturising is very essential for the body. It is food for the skin. Be it oily skin or dry or normal skin, moisturising is a must for all. But sometimes it is seen that we tend to neglect our feet in terms of moisturising. As a result, we have cracked heels, itchy skin, calluses and dry feet. In order to stay away from those cracked heels and itchy skin we should moisturise our feet as much as we moisturise our arms. Moisturising our feet regularly in the morning and at night will help in maintaining the perfect moisture balance. You have to keep in mind your skin type while choosing foot care creams or moisturisers. Let us have a look as to how can we prevent our feet from drying and maintaining the moisture.

  • First clean

Cleaning your feet before applying any kind of moisturiser is a must. It will do away with all the dirt that you collect over the day walking. It also paves way for deep penetration of the moisturiser into the skin. Foot soaks are a great help during this time.

  • Scrub

Get rid of those dead skins that you have developed due to your cracked heels. How do you get rid of them? Use scrubs or a pumice stone. These will help you get away with those flaky skins and hence help in moisturising.

  • Moisturise

Now you are ready to moisturise your feet. Choose from the wide range of products the best for your feet. After properly cleaning your feet, apply gently to damp dried feet. Massage until the cream sets in. And let it stay. You will see as well as feel the difference in few days.

  • Not only outside take it from the inside

For a healthy skin the body should have or get the adequate amount of lipids and proteins from your intake. Lack of these two ingredients would also lead to dry skin. Avocados, food rich in omega fatty acid 3, soya beans and coconut oil are rich in lipids and proteins. If not from your food you can always rely on the food supplements to cover the loss.

  • Drink lots of water

Drinking water of a good amount has always been known to have overall benefits in the body. It is good for skin, hair and proper functioning of all the internal organs. Do not forget your bottle of water whenever you step out of your house.

Feet cannot be neglected when it comes to moisturising you see! It tends to become dry easily and develops calluses and cracked heels. Click here to take care of your feet as you take care of your arms with the wide range of products.


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