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Feet is the most used and the ignored body part of your body. Sometimes, due to over exposure or lack of moisturizing, your skin becomes dry which leads to cracked feet. This is not harmful until you have no severe pain or bleeding. The major reason behind this is the ignorance of foot care. Proper pedicure must be done on regular intervals with foot care products.

How to avoid cracks

Feet always need a little care. You can adopt some habits to keep your feet from developing cracks. Proper foot care products must be used for the same purpose. You must choose the product and thenit must be properly applied.

  • Scrubbing

Soak your feet in warm water for some time and later, clean it with a foot scrub. It helps to remove the dead skin from the feet, getting rid of the cracks. It also helps to keep your feet glowing and maintain hygiene. You must use soft scrubs instead of using hard ones.

  • Moisturizing

Dry skin is one of the key reasons to have cracked feet. Dry skin leads to peeling of skin. To avoid this, you must use a proper foot moisturizer to moisturize your feet daily and have soft, smooth and healthy feet.

  • Rich diet

Cracked feetoccur due to deficiency of vitamins, minerals, Zinc and Omega 3 fatty acids. So, you should consume a rich diet consisting of dairy products, cold water fish, beans, brown rice, etc.

  • Avoid walking bare foot

Walking or standing bare foot creates high pressure on foot, expanding the soles sideways and increasing the possibility of the cracked feet. Thus, this practice must be avoided as much as possible to avoid cracked feet.

  • Avoid continuous exposure to water

Running water or water containing detergenthas the tendency to drain the natural oil from the skin, which makes the heels dry and cracked.

Symptoms of cracks

Cracks are easily identified on the skin. There are some severe symptoms too, which can cause any disease or an infection.

  • Red patches

It is the first symptom of dry skin. Proper care must be taken to avoid dry skin infections.

  • Peeling skin

This symptom follows the red patches. Apply a proper foot care product, instead of pulling off the peeling skin.

  • Itchy skin

Itching is the result of the shrinking of the upper layers of the heels. You must remove the dead skin and then apply some foot care product for proper moisturized feet.

  • Bleeding from heels

It is a very serious symptom. You must consult your doctor; else it may lead to a severe infection.

Causes of cracks

Dry skin and lack of moisture are the major causes of cracked feet. Proper care must be given to the feet. Foot care products must be used to keep your feet soft and smooth. Healthy feet make you feel confident and happy, while carrying any kind of footwear.

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