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Most women are not really sure what shampoo and conditioner Rapunzel used to have that flawless hair but all obsessed with having the perfect hair and perfect hair days. Good hair is a sign of a healthy mind and body and shampoos and conditioners have been our life saviors ever since. A research showed that an average amount spent onshampoosandconditioners in a year is $2000. That’s approximately like 128000 rupees in Indian currency! (Whoa people!)

We love to experiment with our hair and so we apply different heat products like straightener, curler and volumizer. Coloring hair is the new trend and hair contains those chemicals that damage our hair.  Today’s hair products are an instant solution to dry, frizzy, oily, damaged and curly hair. But choosing the most suitable hair product isn’t an easy task in itself. One wrong product can risk your whole life (yes, hair is life) and you can’t imagine yourself going bald.

It is important to choose both shampoo and conditioner from the same family that is the same company. It has an advantage of understanding your hair texture and acting accordingly. It also ensures the perfect combination and blend of the product.

Advantages of Combo Hair Products

Shampoos and conditioners which come in a combo has various advantages over buying each of it separately. Some of them are listed below :

  • Flexible – When both shampoo and conditioner comes from the same family, it increases its flexibility and gives the best results.
  • Safe – Using both shampoo and conditioner decreases the chances of damaging hair since the product’s goodwill lies in each of them equally.
  • Reduces hair fall – It is advisable to use hair products from the same brand because it lessens the chances of hair fall and reduces it to a great extent.
  • Enhances length and strength - Long and strong hair is every girl’s dream and shampoo– conditioner combos provide the maximum satisfaction in getting the perfect, healthy hair
  • Affordable – The combo price of shampoo and conditioner is much less expensive than that of buying individual shampoos and conditioners. And anything that saves money is the best!

How to apply?

  1. Rinse your hair.
  2. Apply shampoo and lather up your hair from root to strands.
  3. Massage your hair thoroughly.
  4. Rinse but do not repeat.
  5. Wash your hair properly and apply conditioner.
  6. Apply conditioner from mid lengths to the tips.
  7. Avoid scalp.
  8. Rinse with cold water.

Every girl deserves beautiful and voluminous hair and choose the right and best kind of hair products is an integral part of the whole process. So girls, choose wisely!

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