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One need not work too hard or resort to products loaded with chemicals to have attractive and beautiful eyes; by regularly following simple and natural methods, you can make your eyes dazzle and glow.

  • Get Rid of Dark Circles

Dark circles under the eyes make them unattractive. Take up some natural remedies for getting rid of those dark circles. Cucumber is one of the best ways to remove the circles. It also reduces dryness of the skin under the eyes.

Take 2 slices of cucumber and place them on your eyes for 15 – 20 minutes and then splash cold water on your eyes. You can also use cucumber paste. Regular use of cucumber will remove the dark circles from under your eyes.

  • Cure Your Puffy Eyes

Puffy and tired eyes also reduce the beauty of your face. Tea bags are a wonderful way of dealing with the puffiness of your eyes. Simply take two tea bags, chill them in the refrigerator and place them on your eyes for 15 minutes. This will help to bring freshness to your eyes.

  • Healthy Diet for Healthy Eyes

Your eyes need a healthy diet comprising of multi vitamins – Vitamin A, C and E and zinc to keep looking fresh. You should also include fruits like orange, mango and strawberry which are rich in Vitamin C, avocado, apricot, cantaloupe, kiwi, grapes, guava which are good fruits for your eyes.

The best vegetables for glowing eyes are carrots and spinach, which are good sources of Vitamin A, bell peppers both red and green, collard greens, kale, turnip greens and sweet potatoes. Consume zinc-rich foods like chicken, yogurt, turkey and fortified cereals and almonds and sunflower seeds which are rich in Vitamin E.

  • Cleanse Your Eyes

The eyes need to be properly cleaned to retain their glow. Besides water, which is the best cleansing agent, you can use fresh milk too. Take a cotton ball, dip it in cold milk and gently clean your eyes. Now take 2 cotton balls, dip them in the milk and put them on your eyes for 15 – 20 minutes. Wash your eyes with fresh water. You can also use rose water for cleansing and bringing beauty to your eyes.

  • Simple Everyday Tips
  • You also need to work on your body internally to have beautiful and glowing eyes. Ensure that you drink at least 2 liters of water everyday.
  • Clean your face well and remove makeup and kajals before you go to bed. Wash your eyes well and pat them dry with a soft towel.

  • If your eyes are tired, rub your palms together and warm them up. Now close your eyes and place them gently over them for some time. Your eyes get all the rest they need and are fresh once again.
  • Rub a piece of ice over your eyes. Immediately dip cotton in hot water and place them on your eyes. Repeat this process of cold and hot water application for about 8 minutes. The eyes are rested and look fresh and sparkle.
  • While working, take some time out during intervals to splash cold water on your eyes. This helps to remove dust and other pollutants from your eyes and also moisturizes and soothes the eyes since they are exposed to harsh light and heat.

  • Last but not the least; allow your eyes to rest. Make sure that you sleep for at least 7 hours at night to avoid puffiness of the eyes.

Even though beautiful eyes make our face look beautiful, we misuse and fail to take proper care of these precious assets. Click here to protect your eyes and maintain their beauty.


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