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Sebaceous glands in our skin secrete an oily or greasy matter known as sebum. If the level of sebum secretion is high then it leads to problems like acne, pimples, and blackheads and makes your skin look dull and oily. Most people face this problem in their adolescent life but it may continue with age as well. But if there are problems; there are solutions too to solve this problem. This blog will guide you on how to suppress extra sebum secretion naturally.

Excess sebum secretion makes your skin look oily and tired. It also leads to acute problems like acne and pimples which damage your skin harshly. Sometimes investing in expensive treatments too doesn’t help much. But we have few easy and natural steps which will help you suppress extra sebum secretion without any side effects.

  • Firstly, don’t use harsh cleansers as it makes your skin dry and then the sebaceous gland produce even more oil.try cleansing milk, Cleansing milk cleans your skin without leaving it dry and moisturizes too.

  • If you consider cleansing milk to be too moisturizing, then you can opt for mild face washes which will not make your skin super dry.

  • Try to avoid dry environments. Or moisturize your skin well when you are exposed to dry climate.
  • Besides treating your skin from outside, it is very important to make yourself tidy from within. Thus a healthy diet containing the right amount of iron, fiber, protein and vitamin is important. Have lots of fresh fruits, green vegetables and try to avoid oily and fried food.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Drink 3-4 liters of water per day to get a healthy and glowing, non oily skin. Indulge yourself in yoga and exercise to rejuvenate your skin.
  • In order to avoid excess sebum production, natural oil can play a vital role.

  • For excess sebum production in body, you can use body soaps having essential tea tree oil.

  • If you do not prefer oil, you can choose gel products too in order to fight extra sebum production.
  • For homemade packs, use a mask of fuller’s earth with rose water. Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse off. You can also try a clay mask or a lemon and honey pack in the same procedure for oil free skin. Turmeric paste too helps in preventing extra sebum secretion.
Hope these tips help you to do away with excess sebum secretion naturally. Follow these steps judiciously without missing a day and your sebum production will get balanced. You will get oil free, healthy and glowing skin naturally. Click here for more products that JBN has in store for you.


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