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Whether you’re a veteran ace makeup artist or lover, who can put great execution and give killing smoky-eye look, or a beginner who struggles to be more accurate with foundation application, these makeup tricks will help anyone in many different ways. As everyone isn’t fortunate enough to have big effervescent eyes on their beautiful faces, these make up tricks will play a role of an absolute key and also will help in appearing big pair of beautiful eyes.To have this all-new flattering eyes look, check out these below given easy and alluring makeup tricks which will help your eyes look absolutely gorgeous that you may not have even thought of for your best look.

  • Line your eye before using liquid eye-liner:

Sometimes,it gets very difficult for beginners to execute liquid eye-liner on face as everyone is not a professional make-up artist. Therefore, to have a perfect-shaped liner on eyes, one should always first use the pencil liner to line the eyes before using liquid eye-liner on eyes. This make up trick also has additional benefit of it as the liner will stay longer, smudge-free and well-lined.

  • Give an open up look to your eyes:

Give a dazzling look to your eyes with the highlighting-effect of your varied colors eye-liner. To get seen the perfect shade of your eye-liner, “take a white eye pencil and line the inside rim of your lower lid.” Moreover, if your eyes are close set, use a white pencil to lightly line the section where the upper and lower lids come together, closest to the nose. This will give the eyes a wider look but always make sure it’ll be subtle. To get the real image of this written trick, one can watch the retro movies or old photos or videos of 30s and 40s era of women.

  • Give eyes a wider look:

There can be either ways as per your choice whether you want to give your eyes a wider look or smaller. If one would completely cover both the bottom and top lash lines with liner, it is going to be a more of a closing look of eyes. If you’ve got small eyes, give your eyes a wider look by applying it both halfway on top and bottom.

  • Make your thin eye brows look lush:

If you’ve got thin eye brows, use an eye brow pencil first that gives a bit lighter look than the natural color to define the shape. Follow with a brow powder that is close to your natural hair color with a thin and robust brush. The brow gel will set the powder perfectly. Check out the best brow powder.

  • Turn pencil eye liner into gel:

Are you facing problem in creating a thin line on your eye lid? With the help of a match or a lighter, turn your pencil kohl into the gel formula. Hold your black, green burgundy etc. kohl eye pencil under the flame for one second and then, cool it for 15 seconds. Watch the consistency change right before your eyes after this small and easy process. Now, comfortably glide with a newly made eye-gel and get an instant neat and smudge-free look of your eyes.

  • Curl your eye lashes with a hair dryer to heat it up:

Blow hot air of hair dryer on your eyelash curler and get a sharp and wavy look to your eyes. The eye-lash curler will help eye lash stay curled for a longer period of time. To have the curly look of your eye lashes, hit the lash curler with blow dry, wait until it cools slightly but is warm and then, clam it down to your eye lashes to curl them.

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