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Shaving is not a tricky job but getting a clean shaven look is. Most of the people shave against the direction of hair growth to get a close shave but it is not advisable. Why? It causes skin irritation, razor burns and you might develop rashes as well.What to do then? Here are some simple steps that can help you get a clean shaven look without you getting hurt.

  • Step 1: Wet your hair before shaving. Either take a shower or use a towel which is humidified with warm water. Doing this make the hairs absorb moisture and then they become weak, hence easier to cut.
  • Step 2: Ensure that you have a good quality shaving cream. The cream that generates more foam is NOT good. Your shaving cream must be able to generate good amount of lather and it should have a high percentage of lubricants. Use a saving brush to spread the cream all over the area with hair properly.

  • Step 3: After applying the shaving cream on your wet facial hair, use a high-quality razor to get those hair off your face. A good razor matters a lot. It is advised to change the blades as frequently as possible. Blades must be sharp while shaving. A razor with blunt blade can cause rashes and needless to mention, won't remove hair properly. Always shave in the same direction of the hair growth.

  • Step 4: Now after shaving, you need to do some cleansing. Use a good quality antiseptic face wash and wash your face with warm water. After doing this, use some cool water for final rinsing a use a soft towel for a gentle pat.

  • Step 5: When you shave, it is not just the hair that get off your face. The upper skin layers also get removed. The moisture from your skin gets lost too. To restore this moisture, an after shave lotion is required. A good quality after shave lotion is a must after shaving. This is the most important part. Apply the after shave lotion or balm gently on your face.

And now you are all set to roll with a perfect clean shaven look. It is not that hard as it looks. Just follow these simple guidelines and you get the perfect look. Also, keep this is mind that a close shave (against the hair growth) is not the way to get a clean shaven look. It might as well work for some people with less sensitive skin. But it is not a good option. Be kind to your skin and go for the above procedure. To know more about JBN products click here.


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