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Tresses or hair is the element which beautifies your body. Hair makes you look older or younger depending on the care taken.Hair care is the most important aspect when it comes to beautifying oneself.Everyone faces various issues related to hair , from hair loss to damaged hair.It has become a household problem now a days of having hair problems in all age categories. Various remedies are explored by everyone in order to save this god’s gift which is very important part of human beautification.  

Depending on your hair type various remedies are available and have even helped many in regaining their beauty. The Most beneficial remedies available of hair care are the one which are very easily and naturally available in abundance like curry leaves, ginger, shikakai, amla and reeta. These naturally found herbs and spices have amazing powers which help in many of the hair problems which major people face. Using a natural and organic remedy to tackle hair problems is far better than using any chemical based shampoo to take care of hair problems.

Hair is basically a protein filament which grows on the skin. Head,Eyes,Chin,Back, Chest are some of the places where hair grows. But the most prominent part which needs more attention is head. Head is mostly covered with hair and it can be densely populated or shortly   populated. They grow roots and are capable of sensing signals also. In today’s hectic life style hair care gets ignored quite easily. Regular cleaning is not sufficient for gaining a proper texture and strength. It needs to be provided with vital nutrients in order to gain strength and shine. Building the hairs immune is also important since it has to take the daily shots of weather conditions and improper treatment.

The following natural ingredients help us in improving our hair quality to a great extent.

Curry Leaves:The leaf which adds aroma and taste to our daily food are rich in antioxidants also helps hair roots become stronger. Curry paste applied once a week makes the root stronger tackling the issue of hair fall and dandruff together.

Ginger: An antiseptic and strong remedy for anti-dandruff. Ginger is populated with vitamins, potassium and magnesium which make the roots stronger increases thickness in hair and prevents dryness which is the main reason for dandruff formation.

Shikakai: An Ayurvedic medicinal plant which has been used since ages for hair care.This natural herb fights dandruff, removes tangles. Makes hair soft and shiny. Having very low ph level works on all scalp types.

Amla: This fruit does miracle on hair growth by strengthening the hair and giving it more shine. Amla can be used with almond oil or lemon juice or coconut oil for scalp massage and increase the possibility of hair growth as well as retaining the existing hair and improving quality of the hair.

Reetha: A natural cleanser and conditioner which help remove impurities from the hair. Improves hair luster and make it thicker giving a bouncy look and feel.

Coconut Oil: Moisturizes hair reducing breakage, improves blood circulation which in turn gives more oxygen to the follicles making the scalp stronger to hold the roots. Due to its nutrient properties coconut oil supplies iron and vitamin e which improves hair quality.Its antibacterial properties tackle lice problems and keep the scalp safe and healthy.

Cleaningshould be a regular process with hair. If possible wash your hair daily and try to use organic or herbal shampoo every alternate day. Therapist recommend using warm water at the beginning of the shower and cold water at the end of the shower, this way the work which happens on cuticle is in proper order and the scalp becomes stronger. A conditioner brings the softness back after shampoo treatment.Protects the hair from sunrays doing any damage.

Massage is one of most favorite activity involved with hair. Pampering your hair with a good massage does a lot to the head, hair, scalp and roots. A good warm oil massage relaxes the nerves and gives a soothing feel to the head which settles you down after a long day.

Always prefer natural and organic products for hair care, be it oil or a shampoo or anything else. Natural products improve the quality of hair without any damage and side effects. Natural products not only repair your hair but also promote hair growth with good quality hair.

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