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Shaving is not as easy as it seems. A close shave needs perfection. Even after close shaves, there is always a possibility of developing rashes. There are some useful simple tips that can help to prevent rashes.

Shaving is supposed to give you a fresh looking face but it does not happen to a lot of people. Rashes after shaving are very common. These rashes occur if the currently shaved hair grow back. They are the ingrown hair. Here are a few tips about shaving that can prevent rashes:

  • Warm water helps a lot in this case. Expose your skin to warm water or steam for a while and then shave your hair. Hair become softer because of the warm water and it prevents rashes after shaving.
  • Make sure you always use a standard razor to shave because using an insufficient razor can cause not only rashes but can also lead to razor burn.
  • Shave in the direction of hair growth not against it. It is advisable not to get a perfect close shave for those people who tend to develop rashes. Also do not shave too hard.
  • For those who easily develop rashes, it is good to use single blade razors only. Use sharp razors and make sure you wash them after shaving.
  • Not just a good razor, you also need a good shaving cream or shaving gel that helps to ease the process.

  • It is advised to wash your face with a good foaming face wash that can remove dead skin cells also prevents the unwanted ingrown hair that cause rashes.

  • There are a number of creams available that contain glycolic acid which help the skin to gain a fine texture which decreases the chances of skin rashes after shaving.

  • A good organic shaving cream solves a large percentage of the problem of having skin rashes. Do not choose a shaving cream or gel with hard chemicals. It can cause severe irritation to the skin.
  • And after you are done shaving, a soothing after shave gel gives you the perfect finishing. Again, do not make a fool of yourself with the eye-catching advertisement of harmful chemical containing after shave gels. Go organic instead.

Getting rashes after shaving is very common but it looks odd and ruins the mood. For a perfect rash free fresh look you can use all the above simple tips and have a flawless skin. To browse through other JBN products click here.


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