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The first and foremost lesson one should have about sunscreen lotions is the “Sun Protective Factor” or (SPF) which tells us for how long the lotion will protect us from the harmful UVB rays of the sun.

Rules for choosing the correct SPF.

  • SPF number tells us the amount of time it takes to sunburn wearing the sunscreen versus notwearing the sunscreen. Thus, a lotion with SPF 15 will allow you to remain under the sun without burning for 15 times more than the time when you start burning. Suppose you start burning after five minutes on exposure to sun, then a sunscreen lotion with SPF 15 will allow you to remain under sun for (15*5) 75 minutes without burning.

  • It will be if you thing that a lotion with SPF 30 will give you double protection from UVB rays as compared to a lotion having SPF 15 as the effects of sunscreens. doesn’t work proportionally. A lotion with SPF 30 block 97% of UVB rays while an SPF 45 provides protection from 98% of UVB rays. No lotion provides 100% protection.

Rules for choosing the correct sunscreen lotion

  • Choose a sunscreen with broad spectrum. That is choose a sunscreen which provides protection to UVB rays of sun which causes sun burn as well as UVA rays of sun which damages the skin and causes problems like anti- ageing, pigmentation ,etc.

  • It is advisable to go for water resistant sunscreens as it will not get removed with sweat or whenever you splash water on your face.
  • Choose your sunscreen according to your skin type. People with oily skin should abide by water based sunscreens whereas people with dry skin should abide by moisture based sunscreens.

  • Sunscreens are available in different forms. While some are gel and alcohol sunscreens which are good for oily skin, sprays are also available for quick reapplication of sunscreens and even you can use wax sunscreen sticks for under eye area.

Rules of applying sunscreen lotion.

  • Use a small amount of sunscreen on your wrist and leave it overnight. If you get rashes or feel itches or any other problem, do not use it again and quickly replace with another suitable sunscreen.
  • Check the expiry date before buying .If expiry date is not written on the pact den stick a paper on it with the date when you bought it. In this way you will keep a tract of about how long you are using the same pack. If it exceeds one year, it’s advisable to buy a new pack.
  • Sunscreen lotions should be applied 30 minutes before exposure to sun. Lip sunscreens should be applied 45-65 minutes before exposure to sun.
  • One of the most important rules to avoid sunburn is to use enough amount of sunscreen lotion. Use the required amount of lotion otherwise you will not understand the benefits of using sunscreen lotions.
  • Apply sunscreen to all the body parts which gets exposed to sun. Light colored clothes do not prevent the harmful rays of the sun from reaching your body and hence affects your skin. Thus, apply sunscreen to covered areas as well.
  • Re apply your sunscreen after every 30 minutes for better results.

Hope this helps you in buying the suitable sunscreen lotion and avoid skin damages and sunburn. Click here: to find more products that JBN has in store.


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