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Home Remedies for Treating Pimples

The dead cells are a great breeding space for bacteria that are present in the skin, which further aggravate the situation, causing inflammation. Squeezing the pimples or pinching and rubbing them intensifies the condition. The most common cause of pimples is hormonal change which occurs at the time of adolescence. Emotional stress, junk food and sometimes menstruation can also lead to pimples.

Though many remedies for treating pimples are available, these products are loaded with chemicals which can harm your health. Herbal and organic remedies are the best means to avoid and treat pimples as these products are free from the health damaging chemicals.

  • Face Mask with Clay

Essential oils are a great way to get rid of pimples . Make a mask of clay with water and a drop of tea tree or lavender essential oil. Apply it on the affected areas overnight. You can choose bentonite or cosmetic clay for the mask, although Redmond clay would work well.

You can also use the undiluted essential oils on your pimples, though undiluted essential oils, if used all over the skin, will induce an itchy reaction.

  • Fresh Lemon Juice

Clean your face thoroughly. You can also clean your face with steam. This will help loosen the oil and the dirt. Then apply lemon juice (Citrus lemon) with a swab of cotton on your pimples. Lemon contains acid which helps to flush out the toxins from the pores and keeps your skin young and beautiful. Do this once a week. Using fresh lemon juice is more effective for treating your pimples, though you can also use bottled juice. Lemon tends to make your skin photosensitive and hence, you should avoid going out in the sun with the lemon juice over your face.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar should not be used all over the face undiluted. Just swab a little bit of it on your pimples once or twice in a day.

  • Mustard to Fight Your Pimples

Mustard is a great way to ward off pimples as it contains Salicylic acid to keep away your pimples. It also has vitamin C, zinc and Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, all of which are great for your skin even otherwise. You can use bottled mustard. You can also make your own home remedy by mixing 1/8 tsp mustard with 1 tsp unfiltered honey. Stir the mixture well and use it as a mask on your pimples. Keep it on for 15 minutes and then rinse it off.

  • Green Tea Ice Cubes

Pour hot green tea into an ice cube tray and put it in the freezer; hot water takes lesser time to freeze than cold water. Take one of the ice cubes and rub it over the affected area for a few minutes. This remedial treatment for pimples has antimicrobial properties and helps reduce inflammation. These ice cubes can be used for days and can also be used to deal with puffy eyes as they have cooling and anti-inflammatory properties.

So, the next time you have pimples or your teenager child is affected with them, try one of these simple home remedies to get rid of them. Click here to know more about organic remedies for treating pimples.


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