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Locks like Rapunzel can make any girl feel like the queen of the world. A girl’s moods, actions and words have a lot to do with how she is feeling about her hair. Proper hair care forms a critical part of beauty care regimen but because God, while creating us, unleashed all His creativity, we’re all born with dissimilar hair types. For some girls, hair care is too mammoth a task, while for others are bestowed with easily manageable hair. But bother no more because here is your perfect guide to a long, silky mane just like Rapunzel. Just follow these steps religiously and stun everyone with your super-sexy hair.

  1. Choose the right shampoo

A right shampoo will give your hair precisely what they need. But how do you pick out what’s right for you from the glut? For that, you need to understand your hair type.

  • Course hair: If you own thick, curly hair, a moisturizing/hydrating shampoo is what you need to get yourself.
  • Fine hair: For the fine or limp ones, a volumizing shampoo would do just fine.
  • Damaged/Highlighted hair: Mate, get a strengthening/fortifying shampoo for you already. They generally are made with extra protein that’s exactly what your hair demands.
  • Curly hair: There is a category of shampoos called the curly hair shampoos that endeavor to lessen the extra frizz that troubles you so much.
  • Normal hair: Try balancing shampoo to evade extremes. By that, we mean that these shampoos would neither moisturize your hair too much, nor will they make them suffer a drought.
  1. Check hair loss

Before figuring how to curb a problem, we need to understand its cause. The several factors that contribute to hair loss are-

  • Poor blood circulation (that can be treated with balanced diet and regular exercises)
  • Chemical/Synthetic hair products (so go for natural/herbal ones)
  • Increased stress levels

There is a plethora of anti-hair loss products in the market. Finding the right ones for you is all you need to do.

  1. Check Dandruff

Dandruff is one of the most common scalp conditions that badger people these days and manifests itself in the form of white flakes on the scalp that itch badly. Vigorous scratching leads to hair fall. Just find the right anti-dandruff  product for you and get rid of the menace.

  1. Oil massage

Make it a compulsion to oil massage your hair at least once per week. Our grandmas didn’t run after us to oil our hair for no good reason. Oil massage revivifies our entire body. It stimulates the natural oils from our scalp that nourish our hair and makes them smoother and shinier. Moreover, it breathes new energy into our scalp making our hair stronger and thicker. For those who suffer severe hair losses, direct oil massaging isn’t recommended. However, a cotton ball dipped in oil can successfully accomplish the task.

  1. Condition with care

First get the right hair conditioner depending on your hair type and then shower all the love that is there in you on your hair. Most importantly, treat only ends. Stay away from the scalp, strictly. Apply it on the middle of your hair with your palm and then take it downwards, and even better would be if you bring in a wide comb for help. That would ensure that every strand avails the luxurious treatment.

  1. Comb your tresses

Combing increases blood circulation and spreads the natural oils from the scalp to various places on the head, naturally moisturizing your hair and giving you silky, long locks.

  1. Avoid hot water

Hot water can cart all your hair’s moisture off and lead to dryness and hair fall. Cold water makes the hair cuticle close while hot water damages it. So if you want healthy tresses bid the hot water adieu and shake hands with cold water.

  1. Use a serum

Apart from shampoo and conditioner, invest in a serum. A right serum can do wonders to your damaged and dry hair and give you the hair you always dreamt of.

  1. Trim regularly

Even if you long for long hair, trimming at regular intervals is crucial. If you do that, you get rid of those ugly split ends and an increased hair growth rate.

Keeping all the above-mentioned information in mind and following a strict hair care regime can actually give you the much-needed confidence to go out and show the world your worth. After all, every girl knows what we mean by a good hair-day. So girls, care for your hair and we promise, you’ll not be disappointed. Click here to see the other things that JBN brings at your disposal.


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