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Everyone desires soft, supple, and healthy lips, but often due to bad food habits and lack of care our lips lose their lustre and turn darker. Here are certain tips hon how to maintain perfectly well nourished lips throughout the day in some very simple ways.

Nobody likes having to sneak into the washroom to reapply there lip balm just when you’re intending to kiss someone! Here are some quick and completely natural ways in which you can keep your lipssoft, lustrous, smooth and kissable any time of the day.

  1. Exfoliate your Lips

This is a crucial step to begin with, as it requires utmost care on your part. After washing your lips thoroughly, gently brush over your lips with a wet and soft toothbrush. This helps scrape off dead cells from the top of your lips and restores naturalsuppleness to them.

  1. Use Lip Balms
  • At Night: Apply a thick Lip Balm every night before going to bed to prevent chapping of lips during the night. You could use a lip balm packed with essential vitamins A & C, which moisturizes and tones up your lips, keeping them soft and
  • During the Day: Use a milder and rehydrating lip balm that refreshes your lip cells, at the same time keeping them soft and nourished. Fuchisca Caramel and Choco Butter Combo provides the perfect mix of nourishment and refresher and will never let you down!

  1. Use moisturizing lipstick

Avoid using matted or flavoured lipsticks as they tend to dry your lips and take away their lustre. Use organic lipsticks that moisturise your lips, otherwise apply a layer of lip balm before applying lipstick, to ensure that your lips remain well moisturised!

  1. Protect your lips from tanning

Use a lip balm with sun protection that prevents your lips from darker and keeps them pink and soft. Bio Aloe Vera Spf 30 Uva/Uvb Nourishing Lip Balm does exactly that by protecting your lips from tanning as well as restoring their moisture.

  1. Lighten your lips

In spite of all the protection we use, our lips tend to get darker than their normal shade due to long exposure outdoors. Bio Morning Nectar Spf 30 Lightning Lip Balm helps reduce fine lines on lips and restores a luscious, soft and healthy look to them.

  1. Home Remedies
  • Rub sugar on your lips. You could also rub neem oil, ghee, butter or milk cream to your lips just before going to bed.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Apply aloe-vera and cucumber slices to your lips to lighten their tone and rehydrate them
  • Try not to bite or lick your lips frequently.
  • Have a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables regularly.


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