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Beard grooming was never so easy. Gone are days when people used to go crazy when keeping one. There were chances of hair damage due to dust and dirt, hair breakage and what not! But don’t worry anymore because we bring to you the most valuable tips to care for your beard.

  • Fuel Up: This is the most crucial part of keeping a beard. To have one, you need to have a good quality hair. For that, you should first take care of yourself by drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day. Apart from that, your primary aim must be to add up to the nutrients. It is recommended to take supplements for vitamins B6, C, and E. Go for protein supplements as well because proteins are the building blocks of hair.

  • Have Patience: It is a very common trait among men, they can’t wait. But if you are not going to be patient, then you are not going to achieve the desired results. So while your beard grows, you keep researching and finding out what style suits you best. And then when you have beard hair of suitable length, go for it!
  • Clean up regularly: Perhaps the most commonly talked about tip, cleaning up still hasn’t lost its importance. Your hair cuticles need to breathe, and it is possible only if your facial skin is clean. So make it a habit, wash your face daily, at least twice with a good quality face wash.

  • Moisturise: Like your scalp, your facial skin also can get dry. So you need to moisturize your skin every day for a healthy skin underneath. There are various products available, but coconut oil is considered one of the best as it does not have any smell. So choose whatever suits you best, but keep your skin thoroughly

  • Comb: Yes, that is also very essential. If you do not run a comb through your beard regularly, it is going to end up knotty and unclean. And yes, this will not attract any woman. So if you really want to look great, keep your beard neat.
  • Dye for the sassy look: If you want to go one step ahead in experimenting with your look, go for hair dyes. Choose a perfect colour according to your complexion and you are good to go!

  • Get a good sleep: Sleep has always been the master of all issues. A good night’s sleep helps in not only a quick growth of facial hair but also promotes its healthiness. So kick away all the stress and embrace a good night’s sleep to achieve ‘The’ Look!

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