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Eye makeup is the most essential part of your face make over. Untidy eye makeup can make your eyes look puffy and sleepy. Change your appearance just with the beautiful colour hues
 of Kohl. Kajal is not just a makeover but it is associated with the human culture, it has been used for soothing eyes and avoiding eye infection since history. Such benefits of natural Kohl have been draped inside the cosmetic value of it. Nevertheless, getting organic kajal brings out the benefit of what originally Kohl was used for. There are abundant varieties available in organic Kajal made of camphor, natural butter, plant extracts, etc. which are enriching for your eyes and skin.It is very important to choose Kajal carefully because kajal quality can make your eyes exterior look pleasant or rugged just depending on its quality and application. 

  • Types of kajal: Depending on the applicant tool there can be following types of kajal-Powder kajal, pencil kajal, crayon kajal and semi crayon kajal. You may choose the kajal according to what you think is convenient for you to apply. You may want to choose pencil or crayons for beginners as they are easy to handle.

  • Texture of Kajal: It is a must to check the texture of the kajal before buying it. You should mostly go for the Kajal that gives you more of a casual defined look. You can always buy a smudger if you want a messy look out for a party.If you end up buying a bad textured Kajal, using a primer cream or non-sticky moisturizer can help soften the texture.
  • Colours: There are different colours that Kajals are available in market like black, white, turquoise, blue, green, yellow, purple, etc. If you are planning to wear Kajal for the first time, it is recommended to take black as black is the classic, goes with whatever you dress up and the occasion. If you want to stand out in the crowd you could go for more poppy colours like blue and green. If you want a dazzling smoky look, just add little tints of brown or base coloured eye shadow and smudge you kajal on both eye lids and you are ready to go!

  • Water resistant: You can go for water resistant and long lasting kajals which may give you smudge free look for around 72 hours. But you must be careful as they are very difficult to wipe off and you may need to buy a nice expensive make-up remover for removing the same. It is very important to choose natural make-up removers as some of them may cause irritation around eye and blackening of skin. Beginners may go for kajals without such specification as they are cheaper and a nice start off for eye make-up.
    • Why organic Kajal?
      Kajal is one eye make-up product which is extremely close to your eye cornea. Kajal is applied to waterline on both of your eye lids. I remember being a kid how applying Kajal was always scary to me as I would never imagine something so close to my eyes all the time. Organic kajal is healthier for eyes as it is soothing and pleasant for eyes. So getting an organic Kajal can always be a smart option.

    Kajal is the un-dying trend; no matter what the occasion is kajal always sets you ready to go. You can also pair up dark kajal with light nude shades of lipstick and pick out your own style statement. Click here for seeing what more organic products Joy by Nature has to enhance your hair.


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