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The main reason behind cracked heel is lack of moisture in the heel area. The other reason is the presence of thick skin in the rim area of the heel. It is also a sign of omega 3fatty acid and zinc deficit in body.

Cracked heel is not dangerous, but if necessary steps are not taken at the early stage, it can cause bleeding and becomes breeding ground for infections.

These foot creams can be prevented easily by using the foot creams.

  • Fuschia Peppermint Pedicare Nourishing Foot Cream: The foot cream has the goodness of shea butter, olive oil, peppermint oil. Bees wax, aloe vera, camphor and vitamin E that revitalizes and nourishes your feet. It deeply moisturizes your heels and prevents cracks and splits. Just apply the cream to your clean feet in the morning and night.

  • Natural Bath & Body Lemon Chamomile Foot & Hand Cream: The main ingredient of the cream is chamomile and lemon that moisturizes your heel area. Chamomile has anti oxidants that heal your cracked heel. Free radicals in lemon combat dark spots and vitamin C washes out impurities from your skin cells. Wash and clean your hand and feet and apply the cream especially over callous skin. For best results, apply it at bedtime and cover your feet with socks.

Joybynature Foot Butter: The foot butter is rich with shea butter, neem oil, clove oil, beeswax and sesame oil that softens and nourishes the cells. The unique formula of the cream will soothe and moisturize the affected area. Take adequate cream in your palm and massage gently over cracked heels.

Biotique bio costus foot massage cream: The soothing cream will not only give you beautiful feet but also give you relief from stress. The cream is made of ayurvedic ingredients like dudhal, pudina, kust, nagkesar and costus. It eliminates dryness, moisturizes your heels. The anti septic and anti inflammatory property of the cream keeps your tired feet cool and calm. Cobra saffron, dandelion and costus root helps to improve blood circulation. Massage the cream regularly stroking top to bottom until it gets absorbed completely.

Khadi Natural Jasmine & Green Tea Foot Crack Cream with Shea Butter: The herbal and handmade cream has the goodness of jasmine, lime, bergamot, green tea, beeswax, olive oil, white germ oil and turmeric. Shea butter, jasmine and green tea helps to provide instant relief to your cracked heels. It restores the moisturizer of your feet and combats callous skin. After washing your feet in lukewarm water, apply it twice daily over the affected area.

Tvam Naturals Sea buckthorn Foot Massage Cream: The cream is made of natural ingradients like aloe vera, sea buckthorn extract, beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, almond oil, neem, camphor and nutmeg. The cream effectively heals dry skin, nourishes and moisturizes your cracked heels. It also helps to keep your feet soft. Massage the cream and leave it overnight for best results.

Only applying cream will not prevent cracked heels, you have to clean the dead cells too by using organic scrubs. For more info, visit here.


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