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There is no dearth of perfumes in the market today. Ranging from heady musk to sweet floral, the sheer variety of scents available makes picking a particular perfume and staying loyal to it a bit inconvenient. But deciding the right one that complements your personality and accentuates your style is quite important, even though difficult. Read on to find about the advantages of picking a signature scent.

It sprays and hence it says

Your scent speaks volumes about your personality. Musky smells often indicate a strong personality that is very independent and very confident in life. A floral smell expresses femininity and hints about a happy, cheerful person. A fruity scent is full of mischief and adventure. A classic scent has timelessness about it much like its wearer. Fresh scents are fragrances that indicate enthusiastic people who strive to live everyday to their fullest. A gourmand scent hints heavily of a seductive nature. After all, why else would you want to smell edible? *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

 It shoots up your general appeal

It is well and everything to carefully make sure that your hair is in place along with your makeup. But while you turn yourself into a visual delight, shouldn’t you pay some attention to the olfactory senses of your beholders? If you not only look but also smell great , you increase your general appeal many times over. It makes people want to not just admire you from afar but also to come over and talk to you!

Creates more intimate relationships

Anyone can tell how you look from a distance. So how do you get that guy or girl you flirted with remember you differently than the creep who stared at you the entire evening? Give them a whiff of your amazing scent. People often register a new person’s scent unconsciously and recognise it unknowingly the next time they meet you. They can perceive you as the same person they met before and this can lead to lasting bonds.

Create memories

Did you ever experience a gush of memory triggered by a whiff of a smell? Like, the smell of the sea reminding you of the amazing beach vacation you took? Or the smell of some fried snacks taking you back to your childhood? And how about the smell of mangoes that reminds you of so many happy summers? We all associate certain smells with certain memories and feelings. Having a certain signature scent can help your loved ones remember you more strongly than ever in your absence.

Signature scents help define your personality even as it underscores your charm and boosts up your style quotient. This makes it so much more essential that you make sure you pick the right scent for yourself to express yourself to the fullest. Explore the exhaustive catalogue of Joy by Nature to find many interesting products.


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