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Dermatologists have prodded their patients to apply more sunscreen because it not only protects from skin cancer but as well as ageing. Ozone layer had depleted with time so we are in direct contact with harmful rays of sun. These harmful UV rays can cause cancer and blotching. Applying sunscreen actually blocks the rays to penetrate in the skin.

Merits of Sunscreen

  • It prevents premature ageing, wrinkles and fine lines. People who have used sunscreens do not as aged after 50’s as people who haven’t used it.
  • It lowers the skin cancer because sunscreen creates a shield against harmful UV rays and prevents it to cause any type of cancer.
  • Sunscreen prevents the blotchiness, acne and eruption of red veins.

  • A proper sunscreen protects skin from sunburn which leads to redness, peeling, swelling, itching and weak skin. UVB rays can create cancer-causing blisters.
  • Sunscreen is considered better that full sleeve shirt.
  • Though tan is considered healthy, but harsh rays of ultraviolet B can cause redness. Thus a sunscreen of minimum factor 30 should be applied after every two hours to protect from UVB rays.

Which Sunscreen Should I Choose?

While buying a sunscreen some value points should be considered.

  • Date of Manufacture: The ingredients tend to break down with time in the tube. Thus, the fresher the sunscreen, the better is the efficacy of it.
  • Brand: A good brand is always important to choose a product.
  • Ingredients: A sunscreen should not include oxybenzone because it causes allergic reactions.

  • Cream: It is better to choose a cream or lotion over spray or powder. Cream spreads evenly so that it can protect easily.
  • SPF: Minimum SPF should be 30 or higher to protect your skin.
  • Water Resistant: If you have a habit of swimming or taking a walk, you should choose a water-resistant sunscreen. It does not wash away with the water or sweat.
  • Expiry Date: You should always check the date of expiry while buying a product.

To have a radiant, healthy and glowing skin protection from UVA and UVB rays is important. Skin discolorations, blotchiness, premature skin ageing and facial brown spots could look ugly on the face. To prevent further damage to your skin use a sunscreen.  Click here to survey more products.


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