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Facial skin is more sensitive than any other area of skin and thus, it needs more attention. We do not cover our face every time and it is exposed to direct sunlight, dirt, cigarette smoke and other unwanted substances. Thus, a face wash is required to cleanse the undesirable dirt. To protect the skin from these unwanted substances the skin also produces a moisture barrier which is oily called sebum. But if it stays for too long without been cleaned, then it can mix up with makeup or dirt and sweat and can cause acne.

How does face wash help?

  • Facial washing removes dirt, pollutants, bacteria and dead skin which get accumulated while at work. Not washing face will lead to a thick layer of dirt and grime which makes skin look unhealthy.

  • Cleansing helps to maintain the PH levels of the skin. Using moisturizer too would help to keep the skin hydrated. Dehydrated skin looks wrinkled and aged.
  • It is important to wash face at night to make your skin look younger. Anti-ageing creams should be used at night for proper treatment of the skin.
  • Makeup seeps deep down into the skin if it is not removed. This causes the pores to clog which may lead to large pores.

What if we don’t wash our face?

Not washing your face might increase the volume of dirt on the skin. This dirt will penetrate deep down in the pores and will clog them. Clogging will lead to acne, redness, dryness and itching. Finally, the skin would appear oily, dirty, greasy and gradually aged. In short cleansing face is necessary.

How to choose a product for you face?

  • Using hand soap for washing face is not enough because skin differs depending on the area of the body. A proper cleanser or face wash is required for facial skin.
  • Different types of skin like oily, dry or normal are now provided with different kinds of cleanser. For sensitive skin mild and gentle products should be used.
  • Always check the direction to use your cleanser.

We now are aware that cleansing face is essential to keep on looking younger and to make your skin radiant. We all desire a healthy looking skin and so we should take care of our skin. Engaging 2-3 minutes every day in cleansing will help for lifetime. Click here to view more products that JBN provides for our convenience.


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