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It is a well-known fact that perfumes bring out the most primal instincts in humans, and smelling good has always been pivotal to good things in life. For your man also, this fact works. He will be more attracted to you if you are wearing the right perfume to give yourself that alluring quality. It willtempt him to give you all the attention and pleasure you deserve. Natural instincts are nurtured by natural scents and organic perfumes infused with all-natural goodness can only give you that sensuous goddess-like allure, free from chemicals like phthalate, and ingredients that could possibly irritate or harm your skin. So, read on to know which natural fragrance and overtones enhance your personality to the crescendo that your man cannot stay away from you.

  • If you love the good things in life: You appreciate standard, luxury, and quality in life, and less is a word that does not exist in your vocabulary. You are confident about yourself, and your personality would only be flattered by an organic perfume that has deep overtones of the flavor of nature, like clove, or blackcurrant nectar, with notes of musky wood or vanilla to stay on your skin for that alluring effect that your man would not be able to ignore.

  • If you love the fun things in life: You are a party girl, sweet on the outside, but a full-on crazy energy monster inside, and like to party on to the wee hours of the night. A belle-of-the-ball like you needs a natural scent that complements your fun-loving nature. So an organic perfume with flirty and edgy overtones like citrus, sweet vanilla with the depth of fresh floral fragrances will ensure that your man does not leave your side the whole night.

  • If you love the feeling love: You are a through and through romantic, and have grown up on a steady diet of Bollywood movies believing in the all-consuming power of love. For a natural lover like you, your organic perfume should consist of rosy tones, along with cherry and liquorice, lending your personality a seductive quality that will enchant your man just like Simran enchanted Raj.

  • If you love the free spirit that you are: You are an independent young woman who doesn’t need the arms of a man to fall into. You are confident in your endeavors and your easy-going nature attracts men to you like a moth. To suit your personality, your organic perfume should consist of the earthy floral scents of jasmine, ylang-ylang, and sensual depth of orange blossom, so that men cannot resist you, and you get to choose your pick from the lot.

So, now you know what organic perfume to wear so that your man cannot fathom the thought of leaving your side. To get what you need, click here and browse through the collection of JBN.


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