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Know your face shape, identify what colors would flatter you, learn how much makeup to apply and also how to apply and you end up with a face which is beautifully made up and looks natural.

  • The first step would be to apply a moisturizer with SPF. This will help the concealer to glide on smoothly. Use a moisturizer which makes your skin look fresh and also makes a perfect base for your makeup. Use lightweight moisturizing lotion for normal skin, rich-hydrating cream for dry skin and an oil-free formula for oily skin.

  • Apply pink corrector to the darkest area on your face to neutralize darkness and to prepare it for concealer.
  • Use a concealer with a shade which matches the tone of your skin and use it only where it is needed such as on the under-eye circles and on blemishes. Apply concealer of yellow-based shades over the corrector into the innermost corner of the eye and also underneath the eye in layers. Pat with your fingers and blend. Now puff the concealer in place or apply whiter powder with a brush.
  • Use a foundation stick and use it like a marker to draw thick lines on top of your brows, on the sides of your nose and down your cheekbones. Now blend them with your fingers towards the edge of your face. If you want a lighter coverage for your makeup, apply a little moisturizer on your fingers before you start blending. Use a puff to apply powder over the top so that it absorbs the oil.

  • Apply loose powder over your concealer with a powder puff if you are planning on a crease-free long wear. Ensure that your powder is in the correct shade and is best-suited for your skin tone.
  • Choose a natural shade of blush for the apples on your cheeks – the fastest way to find yours is to smile. Blend up the color towards the temples and your hairline using your fingers.

  • Apply shimmery eye cream shadow with your pointer finger starting from the lash lines and moving towards the brow bones. Shimmer helps conceal any stray eyebrow hairs in case you have had no time to get them tweezed before your makeup.
  • Apply a lipstick making sure your lips are clean and smooth. While the tube can be used directly for sheer formulae, use a lip brush to apply bright or dark colors.

  • To give your lips a natural look for your makeup, use a lip liner to line your lips after you have finished applying the lip color. With a lip brush, blend and soften the hard edges.
  • From the lash line up to the bone of the brow, sweep a light eye-shadow. Use a medium eye-shadow on the lower lid. If you want to add depth to your eye, apply a contour color on the lid.

  • Use a pencil to define your brows. Match the color to the natural color of your hair and your eyebrows. Start from the inner corner of your eyebrow and follow it up to the edge.
  • Using either a damp or a dry liner, line your upper lash line. Use a dark shadow for the purpose.
  • Now apply the mascara starting the brush from the base of the eye-lashes and moving towards the tips. Ensure that you keep the mascara wand parallel to the floor and roll it as you apply it on the eye-lashes to separate them thereby avoiding clumps.

Follow these simple tips and play with your makeup colors to get a perfectly made-up face. Click here for your guide to a great make-up.


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