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Body mists are a type of body sprays which are used to moisturize and add fragrance to the skin. They are usually applied after shower. Unlike perfume, they are sprayed on all areas of the skin and their concentration is less for that purpose. Their prices too are way below that of a perfume. It is hence considered an economical way of adding skin fragrance. There are certain ways to use any body spray to get its effect right, without which the effects may not last long. So, use body mists the right way to feel the relaxing sensation that it brings to the skin.

Using it right

Due to low concentration and high rate of evaporation, body mists tend to disappear soon after they are sprayed on the body. It is because skin is not always in the right condition to retain the body mist. So, the first step is to prepare the skin to hold the mist for a long time. The right time to apply body mist is soon after the shower when the skin is then dried with towel to keep the pores are open. The pores help in retaining the body mists after they are sprayed.

After applying a body lotion

Body lotion is another wonderful cosmetic product which helps to keep the skin moisturized. Its effect can be compounded by further application of body mists. The particles of body lotion which are present on the surface of the skin can retain the particles of a body mist for a long time. For this method to work correctly, ensure that the body lotion is either unscented or has the same scent as that of the body mist. If possible, try to use the lotion and body mist of the same brand.

Other methods

Brushing is one among the other methods of applying body mist. Spray a good volume of body mist on to a body brush until the tip of all its bristles is soaked with droplets. Then, apply the mist to your body by brushing it. Use cotton balls in the same manner to apply the mist to delicate areas. When spraying the mist, ensure that the bottle is at least a foot distance away from your body. Do not immediately wear any dress after application in order to allow it to dry.

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