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There are many causes for hair loss like chemotherapy treatment for cancer, consumption of birth control pills, and increased level of vitamin A, depression, high blood pressure, thyroid, hormonal imbalance and severe infections. But if you follow some basic hair treatment  procedures for your hair, then you can easily stop your hair fall.

Here you can find some best hair treatment procedures. You can follow these steps and get rid of hair fall within few days.

  • Choose the right product: if you face massive hair fall suddenly, then you must choose the right keratin treatment product for your hair. You can use some organic hair treatment products which contain amla, aloe vera and hair protein These products can prevent your hair loss, and you must follow their application methods according to your hair specialist, or you can read out the label of these products to know about their applications.
  • Shampoo: if you use the natural hair treatment product then you must use the same brand or a shampoo containing similar ingredients, from the market. Try to use the shampoo in the hair and do not use the shampoo on your scalp because it can damage your hair Apart from that, you must use the shampoo at least three times per week to maintain your hair.

  • Brush: you should use the soft branded hair brush for spreading the hair serum on your hair. If you are using some spray serum, then you can apply it on to your hair and spread them with a soft brush.
  • Timing: hair treatment timing is based on the manufacture’s products because some of them require ten minutes, and others may require twenty minutes. You should follow their guidelines in such cases.
  • Blow: after processing time, you must blow dry your hair. You can use the dryer for a long time because the serum needs to get absorbed into your hair.

  • Flat iron: afterwards, you need to use ceramic hair iron. You can pre-heat the iron at 450 degree and use it six to seven times on your hair.

How do you lay down your hair?

  • Do not wash your hair following the three days of your hair treatment procedures.
  • After the treatment day, do not use clip or bands on your hair.
  • Do not use dry shampoo during this period.
  • When you need to shampoo your hair, you must use the ammonia and sulfate-free shampoo.

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