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 Protection of the skin is one of the least prioritized body cares in the world. Many people ignore skin damage and dryness and leave it to self-reparation which often escalates the problem rather than limiting it.

Skin is the body part which is most exposed to dirt and pollution every day. Be it summer, winter or rainy season, it has to endure all the harsh and challenging conditions on a regular basis. The Moisturizers available today are meant to provide the skin with overall nourishment and care on a long term basis. They are meant to provide the skin protection for the whole day or close but most of them aren’t serving the purpose and thus exposing the skin to various kinds of danger that are become more and more prevalent.

The duty of a safe and effective Moisturizing Lotion is to provide the hand with a layer of protective care against the dust and other harmful elements that it is exposed to on a regular basis. And at the same time, it also has to cater to the already damaged parts speeding up its recovery process. An able lotion should be able to perform it at a fast face but also in a tender manner.

Therefore it is very important to keep certain factors in mind while choosing the best Moisturizing cream so that one does not regret it after the damage has been done and to get the best results possible.

  1. Recognise Skin type

The first and foremost step that anyone should do is to ascertain whether their skin is oily, dry, sensitive or any other type. This would help in choosing the best,Body cream which would then yield phenomenal results in the long run.

  1. Purpose and usage

One must be particularly vary of the reason for purchase and the frequency of use of the lotion. Be it for repairing of damaged or dry skin or protection of skin against dust, every lotion has its prime function and the choice should be based on that. Apart from the function, the frequency of use also plays a huge part. Some Organic Moisturizers can be applied throughout the day for good results whereas some should only be applied when necessary. The latter type applied regularly can cause problems such as oily skin and stiffness.

  1. Season and ingredients

One must be very careful about the seasonality factor of some Hand lotions and body moisturizers. Some of them are meant to be used during particular seasons and contain specific ingredients that facilitate it. Using a summer specific cream during dry winters would not be the best idea.


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