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It is said no pains, no gains. Yes, exercising is painful, but when you continue doing it every day, when you are regular, the feeling of staying fit is even better than the taste of your favorite food. Irrespective of age, exercising is a way to stay healthy, young and fit for everyone. It’s the best anti-ageing method for your body.


Age is a barrier. It is a limitation you put on your mind to avoid doing things which you can do, and which you must do. You always decide in advance that there are certain things which can be done in a certain age. Ageing isn’t a bad thing. The number of years you have lived on the face of this earth shows the amount of experience you have and the level of wisdom you possess. However, with old age come some problems which you cannot avoid, but you can prevent! To let your body and mind stay young, use the best anti-ageing technique exercise and yoga.


  • Knees: Squat right. You unknowingly do squats every day when you pick up groceries, or do your daily chores. You just have to know how to do it properly. Squats help to prevent knee pains and make your knee joint stronger.
  • Cardio: Aerobic activities improve the energy producing organelles in cells. Doing cardio for 240 times a week is advisable. It improves your heart health and heart rate stays stable.
  • Walk: You may feel lazy to walk to the store just beside you house, but walk. You may want to sit at home and watch television instead, but walk. Walk little, but walk. Walk as much as possible, but at least walk, because that is the simplest exercise. Experts recommend walking 10,000 steps a day will make you go a long way!
  • Face Yoga: Yoga is a great way to relax your mind and body. Face expression methods, also known as face yoga are an alternative to expensive Botox and surgeries, and help in preventing wrinkles, spots and marks.

Exercise and yoga are the most natural ways to staying fit and young. Statistics say that people who exercise or do yoga regularly live a healthier life than those who don’t. It not only helps you stay healthy, but also makes you look young, something which most of you desire. Agreed, that creams, oils, lotions and therapy are also among the methods through which you can revive your lost youth, but think about it yourself, isn’t exercise the best method? In fact, it doesn’t even cost you a bountiful of cash to stay young in this way. All you need to do is, put on your jogging/running tracks, take your yoga mat with you, find a peaceful place (park for instance) and do your exercises! Stay healthy, Stay happy.  


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