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Getting ready for a party? So, you must be wearing your best dress, the matching jewellery, branded hand bag and glittery shoes. You put up all these things to get the praise from your family members and friends. You must have also put up the imported perfume. But wait! Your feet aren’t complementing your dress at all.

With this rough and dirty feet, it’s obvious that you don’t feel confidence to carry them easily. Again and again, you try to hide it so that people cannot see it. But this time, the ball is not in your court and someone has pointed out your ugly and cracked heels. It’s one of the shameful moment for you. Enough! You have gone through a lot of tantrums. Now it’s time to make every one shut. But for that you have to take few steps to keep your feet clean and tidy. Mostly women face the cracked feet situation and in men foot odour is one of the major concern. To avoid all these type of unbearable and shameful situation, you must get a way to it. There are some home remedies which can help you. Like use of:

  • Baking Soda
  • Epsom Salt
  • Vinegar
  • Black Tea
  • Tea tree oil

These all are home remedies but it takes a longer time to react. If you really want to see a transform, you can use these products which will help you in every possible way. Some of the best ways to get an easy foot wash are as follows:

  1. Foot Soaks: These soaks are perfect and easy way to keep your foot clean and polished. It not only help you in cleaning your foot but also repel the bacteria as it is anti-bacteria also. This product is enriched with ingredients like peppermint and oil which will soften your foot skin. It rarely takes any time to apply these soaks.

  1. Foot Cream: This situation usually occurs with women. It is woman tendency or her nature to comment on other woman. It cannot be changed. But what you can change is your old foot cream as it has exposed a lot of you in front of anyone. Why are you allowing people to comment on your outlook? Just switch your foot cream with this organic cream which is free of chemical and does not has any side effects.


  1. Foot Sprays: These amazing foot sprays which are enriched with attractive fresheners are not limited to women. Even guys can use it without any hesitation. With soaks on all the time, your foot starts smelling. This spray can cover up that smell easily. The plus point of this spray is that it does not have any side effects on skin.

  1. Foot Oil: When you are done with all you party and meetings, at night you can use foot oil which not only provides nutrition to your skin but also keep them clean and tidy. This oil can be used by any one.

These products like foot soaks and sprays are used by many people and are getting a lot of appreciation. All because of its prize, quality and brand name. You should always keep your feet soft and tidy by just giving a little bit attention. You can click here to browse more products by JoyByNature.


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