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In old days, the existence of olive oils in the family was considered as a blessing. It wasn’t until late that people started realizing the benefits of olive oil. What once used to be taken for granted by the people of Greece contained all the best beauty secrets. Olive oil can be also eaten unprocessed, though that seems to be a difficult task.

The Chemistry of Olive Oil

Olive oil has a composition which is much similar to that found in a mother’s milk. It contains vitamins A, D, E, and K, which help in maintaining the bone density. These help us to protect against heart diseases, osteoporosis and cancers. The vitamin D present in olive oil help to prevent osteoporosis once the vitamin D is synthesized in the presence of the sun. The fatty acids present in olive oil provide us with the necessary nutritional, biological and health values.Olive oil has a certain aroma and its seeds are colorless and tasteless.

Olive Oil as a Body Moisturizer

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It does sound strange and feels a bit weird to even treat it as an organ. But since it is an essential part of our body, we must take proper care to revitalize our skin that gets damaged in so many ways. In today’s world when it comes to skincare, we must follow one standard rule: Less is more. There are a number of reasons as to why we must not experiment with our most essential body part. Olive oil works wonders when it comes to nourishing your skin by acting as your number one moisturizer.

Isn’t Olive Oil Greasy?

Olive oil is different in its own way. You might be perplexed with the thought that how does oil that might be greasy, give you a refreshing feeling? Well it is quite obvious to think that adding oil to your skin will make it even oilier. But with the right kind of oil, your skin might become less oily.

Benefits of Using Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

Using products containing olive oil will add natural ingredients to your skin. It contains various antioxidants and natural acids that work to strengthen your skin and increase its resistance against damage. Have a look at the wonderful benefits of using olive oil as a moisturizer:

  • Protection against oxidation of the skin
  • Maintains your cholesterol
  • Prevents in calcium loss
  • A moisturizer that doesn’t clog pores
  • Enhances your beauty
  • Works as an excellent exfoliating agent
  • Prevents your skin from drying out

Using Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

There are various products of olive oils such as massage oils and as carrier oils. The products never cease to serve us with their nutritious capabilities. Processed olive oil can be used in a variety of ways and can be even used for pharmaceutical purposes. However, when olive oil is used as a moisturizer it can be used to moisturize your hair, can be applied on your face or in fact on your whole body.

Thus the olive oil products can be used as skin care products, hair care products and the list goes on. Click here, to browse through our wonderful range of products we have in store for you at JBN.


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