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Bathing daily is what our parents taught us as the most important hygiene lesson. Today, bathing for some has become a way of dedicating some time to self or we can say it’s the hour of self-indulgence. We are not talking about hushed bath routines you follow everyday morning before leaving for work. Instead we are referring to a bathing session where you soak yourself in bath tubs filled with oils and fragrances of choice. A practice to loosen out the stress; a process to divert from daily hustle bustle of life and an important step to pamper your body and your mind!

Bathing is an essential daily routine activity and some also follow it as rituals but for those enjoying this elaborate session of dipping in bath tubs to relax your mind and body; today our markets are full of range of bathing accessories to your experience far more soothing and healthier.

What are bathing accessories?

Any salt, oil, herb extract or soapy formula or even scented candles used as an extra entity in your bubble bath is a bathing accessory. Yes, luxury and fun toys or hair masks for kids or others loving the concept are also a category of bathing accessories.


The blog below is about herbal bath accessories including bath salts, bath oils and special herbal bath salts formulated using special ingredients targeting to relax nerves and muscles of the user and most of all relax your mind.

How bath salts and oils are effective in relaxing the body and mind?


Simple and one-word answer to the above question would be through ‘absorption’. Yes, special ingredients of bath salts and bath oils or even some bathing soap get absorbed into the human skin. They seep down the skin layers and work their way to relaxing the muscles and relieving tension from your tensed and stressed nerves. A relaxed body is a home to relaxed and calm mind! But with certain herbal ingredients it is known that smelling them has its effects directed at releasing mental stress too. Isn’t that wonderful!

Think of it; have a hot tub session with specific bath salts and it is good as a spa session. Without complicating things lets list benefits you can have from bathing accessories.

  • Herb extracts like that from lavender, chamomile, fuscia etc. have a very soothing effect on our brain. Insomnia patients are advised to have lavender scented candles in their bed rooms for better night sleep.
  • When bath salts or oils with herbal ingredients get mixed in your bathing water, your skin easily absorbs them and you can reap benefits quickly. Even candles give out fumes of that herb and you inhale them taking the special effect of the herb to your nerves and brain directly.
  • Make sure you select herbal formulations so you are not adding chemicals to your bath tub or your skin. Herbal bathing accessories are far better to use because they have more concentration of the active ingredient plus sans any chemical additives they are safer when exposure to naked skin and delicate areas is considered.  Also in bath tubs you spend longer time as compared to regular quick bath so your skin is exposed to particular ingredients even more.


  • People with specific issues like may be arthritis or specific skin issues can benefit from use of specific bath salts meant to address their condition. For example: ginger oil mixed bath salts or even dead sea salt mixed bath salts work best for relaxing inflammation around joints.
  • Like above, specific anti-aging bath salt mixes and bath oils are also available. The active ingredients here like Himalayan Pink, Sandalwood, Blueberry salts or Argan bath oil or Moroccan bath oils etc. help fight aging symptoms of skin when absorbed into it.
  • Hydration is a profound benefit of bath oils especially. Indian Rose, Grapeseed, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and some others are commonly used in bath oils or even body washes for better hydration of skin. These can be used as after bath massage oils or just added to your bath tub when planning an elaborate pampering session for yourself.

  • The fragrance takes your relaxation quotient to just another level. With scented candles or mild fragrance from your bath salts and bath oils you just land onto a calmer mental state.

Judge and try varied bath salts, oils, candles, bath massage oils and other bathing accessories and play with the available option. After all, your body and mind deserve a treat too!

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