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"Pimples"- a horror for teenagers. Yeah, this miscreant plagues the lives of young adults and rear its ugly heads when they hit puberty. No wonder people hate it. It is one of the most common skin problem and is undoubtedly the most hated. Pimple affects women more than men due to oily glands beneath the skin.

As a person hits puberty, hormonal change takes place which causes some adverse effects on the human skin. But, this does not mean that everyone will be exposed to it. People have different types of skin, like oily, dry, superdry,etc. Moreover, eating junk food also facilitates oil accumulation in the skin, which in turn boosts the bacterial function which enhances the production of pimples.

What makes pimples undesirable?

  • Dead skin: Dead skins accumulated over the blocked skin pores causes inflammation in the surrounding area which leads to acne and pimples. Check out ways to curb dead skins from your face.
  • Bacterial infection: Pimples is caused by the bacteria named Propionibacterium acnes. These bacteria feast on excess oil trapped in the skin pores, this in turn causes infection in the given area. Pimple is just a byproduct of an unhealthy skin. Kill these bacteria by using these products.
  • Looks ugly in public: Pimple mars your beautiful smooth skin, which makes you uncomfortable while going out in public. Taking care of your skin is a very important aspect in your personality.

How does ayurvedic creams eliminate pimples?

  • Natural ingredients: Ayurvedic creams contain natural ingredients like fruit pulps, root extracts and leaf juice etc. Ayurvedic creams are non allergic or irritant in any way. These creams are super effective against facial bacteria.
  • Anti-oxidants and disinfectants: Pimples as we know is caused by bacteria, the best way to cure them is to neutralize these bacteria. Ayurvedic creams contain natural disinfectants like neem and tulsi which effectively kill these bacteria and curb their growth.

  • Anti scarring property: After pimple removal, the creams do not leave the skin scarred like other products do. Your skin will be left as if it is of a newborn.

Steps to keep in mind before and after applying ayurvedic creams

  • Wash face thoroughly: Cleaning and rinsing of face thoroughly by water before application of ayurvedic creams is very important. Any dirt residue will hinder in the work of these creams.
  • Apply as instructed: Neither more nor less. Excessive application can cause side effects. Consult a dermatologist to be on a safer side.
  • Rinse using clean towel or tissue: Cleaning your face with clean cloth is very important. do not let germs grow on your precious skin.

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