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Now day’s lice & nits are big problem in children and adults. Head lice are tiny parasites that live on the scalp and hair shafts where they feed on blood. It’s very common problem in children to adult. If it's too late and your child has lice, we've also got lice cures. Natural remedies can get rid of lice; they're just not as well studied as commercial treatments.


  • Garlic- Garlic is full of antibacterial and anti flaming properties which is very affective for lice & nits. The strong fragrance of garlic can suffocate lice, ultimately killing them. Take 5 to 6 clove of garlic and mix some lime juice and olive oil, mix it well together and apply on your head, keep it for 30 minutes then rinse off with hot water. Repeat this remedy once in a week.



  • Olive oil- Olive oil will effectively smother and kill head lice. You may be surprised when you or one of your children discovers a head lice infestation, but it’s common to this problem. You can definitely use olive oil to treat head lice and here is how you should proceed- Just take few drops of olive oil and rub it well on head and massage for 10 minute, after 2 hour just rinse out with warm water, and comb your hair perfectly.



  • Hair shampoo and conditioner- Hair shampoo and hair conditioner play a very important role to prevent lice & nits. Using wrong shampoo and conditioner is also the main reason of lice & nits. Preventing Lice & nits you should always use organic shampoo & conditioner. You can purchase organic shampoo and conditioner on organic site or from any local stores.



  • Coconut oil- The lubricating nature of coconut oil will stop lice from moving around freely, preventing it from multiplying. Coconut oil controls head lice infestations and acts as an effective repellent against lice in the future. Lice do not like an oily living environment and will find it hostile. For lice & nits coconut oil is very useful just take some coconut oil and rub, and gently massage on head , keep it overnight and rinse out in the morning and comb with organic comb it will help to soothing your scalp.



  • Tea tree oil- Tea tree essential oil is a natural insecticide, making it an effective treatment for head lice. A number of essential oils have been shown to be effective along with combing in eliminating head lice; tea tree essential oil is one of them. Just apply tea tree oil directly on head. It will help to prevent from lice and nits for sure.



  • Regular combing- Head lice is an incredibly common infliction and no-one is immune. Regular combing is great source to prevent lice & nits. Use always organic comb to prevent lice and nits.



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