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If you notice it coming out more often or in large amounts, you’ve probably already guessed the bad news. Losing hair is normal. A vast majority of men and women will, at some point in their lives, experience hair loss. Our free information will give you the rule and remedies you need to stop hair loss naturally and to help you to re-grow hair using organic hair care. But there are some steps we can take to minimize the effects of hair loss.


Coconut Oil:- Coconut oil is anti-hair damage oil. Applying it directly to your scalp helps keep it free of germs and dirt that can clog or damage your follicles. One of the greatest applications of coconut oil is for conditioning hair and there are many ways to use it to this end. If you have long or curly hair, dealing with tangles may be a daily battle for you.  Coconut oil can help here too. Coconut oil has been used throughout history, and there is good reason why this oil has been used.

Essential oils:- There are many useful essential oils which are beneficial for hair loss and helps to hair growth. here are most effective essential oils-


  • Rosemary: – Rosemary one of the best for hair follicle and hair growth. Its stops hair loss and it is the best option for dandruff. Rosemary is one such herb which is widely used for the treatment of hair loss. When applied over the scalp rosemary essential oil helps stimulate hair growth.


  • Jojoba- Good for preventing hair loss and delays the follicle’s resting phase because of its’ antioxidant properties. Can make the hair shinier, thicker and stronger. Jojoba oil can help to stop balding and can make hair strands stronger & healthier


  • Olive oil- We are using olive oil for hair care for many of years. Experts say that it helps to hair shine, strong and softness. When you use olive oil for a hair conditioner, you will see a difference in your hair. So olive oil is very beneficial in hair growth. With the use of olive oil, you can moisturize the scalp, which aids in decreasing dandruff

    Dark green leafy vegetables- Eat healthy to stop and prevent hair fall. Give importance to a balanced diet to counter hair loss as this is one of the best ways to prevent hair fall. It is great to having dark green leafy vegetables for hair loss. Green vegetables are rich in vitamins. For hair growth you can use spinach , sweet potatoes, green chilli, carrot, tomato, curry leaves, onions, garlic, beetroots and all that, they rich in fiber and iron.


    Having almonds- Almonds are the healthiest nuts you can get, though it isn’t exactly a nut, but more of a seed. According to nutritionists, these seeds should be soaked in water overnight, prior to consuming. Along with eating the healthy nuts, you can also apply almond oil to your hair for an inexpensive and effective moisturizing treatment. Almonds general are very rich in vitamin E, which is great for your skin and hair. Soaked almonds are a wonderful natural remedy for treating hair loss.

    Over-thinking/worrying- Mostly mentally and physical stress can cause of hair loss, which is a serious problem. You can experience hair loss on one area of the head only, many areas of the head, and the entire head. Anxiety isn't just nervousness. It isn't just sweaty palms, rapid heartbeat, and shaking hands. When the mind is in a state of anxiety, proteins from the thymus or lymph glands are converted to sugar for instant energy. Anxiety doesn’t just make you feel terrible in your mind; it also has a physical effect on your body.


    Massage Your Scalp- Massage your scalp with your fingertips every night before bed. This massage will increase the blood flow to your scalp, which helps provide nutrients to your follicles You can use organic hair massage oil.

    If you will this remedy on daily basis, you can see the result soon. Scalp massages stimulate the blood circulation and this in turn channels more nutrients to the hair roots. Perform a scalp massage with wet or dry hair, based on personal preference, as long as hair is clean and free from hair products. So we should massage our scalp on daily basis for best hair growth.


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