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These natural moisturizers work like a shield and protect your precious skin from dryness.

  • Strawberry Moisturizer: Strawberry has been used in beauty treatments from Egyptian ages. The moisturizer is loaded with goodness of strawberry extract that gives clearer, younger and smooth skin. The alpha hydroxyl acid can remove dead cells and encourages new cells to grow. Vitamin A, K and C prevent premature ageing of skin. Glycerin and olive oil provides good moisture to your face in winter. Wash your face and massage it in circular motion. Use daily for best results.

  • Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera containing Moisturizing Lotions have active ingredients like Neem that has analgesic, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that not only gives you clear skin but also improves your health. Neem has Vitamin c that removes blackheads, patchy skin and acne. The herb aloe vera can do wonder to dry skin. It removes dead cells and increases the growth of new cells, thus reducing hyper pigmentation, dryness and uneven skin tone. Wash the area and massage it till it gets absorbed completely.

  • Papaya & Hibiscus Moisturizer: Papaya & Hibiscus Moisturizer is infused with papaya that has vitamin A and papain, carotenes, vitamin C ,vitamin B, flavonoids , enzymes, pantothenic acid, potassium and magnesium that exfoliates and rejuvenates your skin cell and gives younger and fairer skin. Hibiscus is called natural botox plant because it has firming agents that combat wrinkles and dryness. Lightly apply it to your skin with this product.

  • Rose and Saffron: Rose and Saffron Whitening Lotion is made of natural oils and enriched with saffron, rose, sesame, honey and aloe vera to give you younger and moisturized skin in winter. The minerals and vitamins found in saffron is effective in promoting good skin. Rose is best for all type of skins. It protects against from ageing, sun tan, dryness and acne. Sesame oil makes skin soft and supple, honey provides adequate moisturizer and aloe vera acts as a natural shield, The lotion also has a high SPF so that you can get protection from UVA and UVB rays.


  • Peach and Avocado: Peach and Avocado Moisturizer is made of peach and avocado, both known for protecting against dryness. Peach is loaded with vitamins and mineral salts that tightens your skin tissues and combats premature ageing and wrinkles. Avocado is a rich source of vitamin  A, B, D, E and K; minerals copper and potassium and protein that heals dry skin effectively. Take adequate amount of the paraben free moisturizer and massage on your face and body every day.

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