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Believe it or not, our feet include vital nerves that assist in functioning of our entire body, from head to toe. In our hectic lives, tension builds up in our feet. We need some relaxation. And every time we cannot to running to a parlour, so it would be better if pedicure like treatment could be obtained at home as well. We need to use organic feet care products to get the best results.

Our feet are an integral part of us. Mostly feet are ignored, but once their importance has been realised, hopefully they won’t be neglected as much. After a long tiring day, we all deserve little rewards right? So a good and relaxing pedicure is our reward.

Cure for weary Feet

if you have worn-out and sore feet and experience varicose veins, then the following foot cure will assist -

1. Take boiled water 2 litres and 2 cups of rose petals and pine needles and a tsppeppermint oil.
2. Use castor oil to massage the feet, soak feet in this brew for 10 minutes
3.  Roll your heels on the small marbles or pebbles in the tub, this relaxed tired sore feet.
4. Dry quickly with a towel and massage with a good quality massage cream, preferably organic foot care cream(lemon).

Cracked Heels

Frankly speaking one just has to do following using organic products.
    • Continue with regular foot care program using a loofah
    • Keep our feet cleaned
    • Keep our feet moisturized
    • Use a foot scrub

    • Oil your feet

    1. Keep the feet clean with nail brush and pumice stone
    2. Massage the feet well with organic foot cream.
    3. Using a double boiler, melt a candle and when it’s slightly old. Allow it to solidify by brushing it on the heels

    Thiscure is best pursued at night.  Go to while wearing cotton socks. In the morning, get rid of the socks and skin off the layer of wax

    Chipped Nails
    • Mix half glass of water with 1 tablespoon containing gelatine and have this mixturedaily for two weeks continuously. To strengthen the base, keep the nails well trimmed and short.
    • If your nails have turned yellow due to the repeated use of nail polish, lay off of it for a while and let your nails breathe. If you rub lemon slices on the toe daily and let it soak in, your feet will come back to its glory in to time
    • Or use foot soak and spray

    Your feet represent you, and you absolutely cannot ignore them. Give them the best organic care they deserve. After having been tired for a day there’s nothing wrong with a minute of relaxation. Your feet are important too. Don’t ignore them. To get more products visit Joy by Nature by clicking right here.


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