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Detect Early to Repair Fast

Starting habits to mend your hair can make it look better in the short run, and simultaneously, it can work to bring the luster and shine back to your hair in the long run. So take up simple and effective means to repair your damaged hair.


  • Give Your Hair a Good Trim

If you have hair with broken strands, then the first of all trim it. Leave some length and trim only the damaged hair if you are not in favor of a super short haircut. Trimming your hair will bring the bounce back to your hair and will make you look smart and good.Once you have got your hair trimmed, follow it up with hair health care regime and use restorative shampoo and conditioners.

  • Avoid Hot Styling Tools: Stay away from blow dryers, straightening irons or curling irons during the time that you are taking restorative measures to repair your hair. Use mild shampoos and conditioners, apply restorative styling treatment and allow your hair to dry naturally.
  • Bid Goodbye to Chemicals: Hair colors tend to stress hair which is already damaged. Try gentle hair colors which are free from ammonia. Instead of permanent straighteners or curls, opt for alternatives which are healthier for your hair.

  • Natural Treatment Masks for Damaged Hair:
When going for hydrating treatment for your hair, use products that contain restorative moisturizing ingredients like keratin, olive oil and shea butter. Apply this mask twice a week. Treating your hair with oil is another great way to restore damaged hair. This increases elasticity and brings sheen and shine back to the damaged hair.

  • Protect Your Damaged Hair in The Sun:
If you are a swimmer always cover your hair with a swimming cap when you are inside the pool to protect it from the chlorinated water. Take care not to sit in the sun after swimming. The sun rays will also act on your chlorinated hair and double the harm to your damaged hair.
  • Use Simple Styling Products:
Stick to simple hairstyles; the lesser the products that you use, the better it will be for your damaged hair. Use gentle products and ensure that you don’t use products that contain high levels of peroxide or alcohol.
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment

This treatment protects your damaged hair from the damages of salt, sun, chlorine, pollution and the wind. Warm a combination of coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and sesame oil. Massage the mixture into your scalp thoroughly and leave in on for an hour. Shampoo and then rinse with warm water. Coconut oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft and nourishes the hair follicles repairing and preventing hair damage. Extra virgin olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E which are good for nourishing and protecting your hair while sesame oil strengthens the brittle ends and promotes new hair growth.

  • Honey as a Remedy

Being a natural humectant honey attracts moisture and is a great remedial therapy for dry and damaged hair. The antioxidants and nutrients in honey nourishes the hair follicles and encourages hair growth. As it is a sticky product, use honey in combination with water or apple cider vinegar which is a natural conditioner or olive oil which is good for the hair roots or coconut oil which is full of nutrients.

Above all, take note that your diet also affects your hair. Consume a lot of water and essential nutrients. Eat a protein-rich diet like fruits and vegetables which include kale, spinach and carrots.

So all those worrying about damaged, brittle hair with frizz and breakage, use natural home remedies regularly and that will leave you with strong, shiny, healthy and smooth hair. To know more about damaged hair treatment, click here<http://www.joybynature.com/collections/buy-hair-care-products>.


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