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Babies are considered to be quick learners. This attribute of theirs is due to the fact that they are highly inquisitive and do not like to be tied down from exploring the place. Even a small piece of paper can hold their fascination as everything is completely new to them. What seems to be of no interest to the parents can be of the highest interest to babies. For instance, when adults see an ant in the house, their first reaction will be to kill it or drive it away. But when a baby sights it, it looks at it with awe. The expression is considered to be priceless.

Now and then the parents have to know they were once babies too and had the urge to explore everything that surrounded them. Now that they have a baby of their own, they must make sure it grows in the right environment. The environment they are brought up in has to be safe and provide them comfort when they want it.

Creating a safe environment

Before deciding upon making changes to the house after the baby arrives, try to think of the house from the view point of the baby. Think about the things that can hold your attention the moment you set your eyes on them. This will help a great deal in making the right changes to the house.

Childproofing the house can be done easily by making a few changes to the pre-existing decor. They are really young to decide what is safe for them so it is the duty of the parent to keep them under supervision and create the proper environment for their growth. Babies tend to grow better in a safe and protected environment. Apart from picking up small items from the ground, babies also tend to tumble and fall a lot. Creating a space in such a way that they do not get hurt when they fall down is an essential part of childproofing the house.

Childproofing materials are easily available and even the diapers and the small dresses they wear are considered to be essentially a part of the safe environment. The baby safe environment is simply a mix of a lot of things.

Must haves for the safe environment

  • Mattresses:

Babies are going to fall or tumble a lot when they try to take their first step. It is best to spread the mattresses in the baby’s room to prevent it from getting hurt easily. These mattresses also provide them comfort during nap time. These soft mattresses can also be used during the time of feeding and nursing.

  • Tummy oil:

Babies easily get an upset stomach since they put small stuff they find on the ground into their mouth as they crawl. Also since they have just started their development, the baby’s stomach undergoes growth and development and even this can lead to stomach aches cause them to cry. Rubbing tummy oil on their stomach can help relieve the pain.

  • Baby toys:

Colours and shapes hold a baby’s attention like nothing else can. This comes in handy during the time of feeding. The various colours they see in the toys can stimulate their cognitive senses and help in the development of their brain function. In the later stages of growth, they will have the ability to relate shapes and colours easily.

  • Mosquito repellents:

The skin of the babies is really soft and sensitive. This makes them susceptible to mosquito bites. Since their skin is really sensitive and their immune system is still not fully developed, they are more likely to catch any kind of illness from the mosquitoes. It is essential to set up mosquito repellents throughout the house.

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