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When a woman gets the best news of her life of being a mother that is the moment when she plans to have the best nine months of her life. In these nine months she plans that she would try her best to keep her and her baby healthy. During this period she goes through a number of feelings and emotions.

This is the most special time in a woman’s life because at this point of time her relationship with her husband enters a new stage where they are not just a couple but would-be parents of a bunch of happiness entering their life within a span of months. This time span is the most important time when a woman has to take good care of herself.

There are a number of do’s and don’ts that a woman must follow during pregnancy to have a healthy pregnancy and then a healthy baby. These do’s and dont's are the most basic ones that a woman must take care of during her pregnancy. Some basic do’s and don'ts include:



  • Healthy food

Eating healthy food is very important for a pregnant lady. During pregnancy, a woman feels hungrier as she consumes food for two people. It is very important for a woman to eat healthy food because all such healthy foods provide a woman and her baby some basic nutrients that are very essential for a healthy baby. To see the best effects, a woman may easily count on organic healthy foods like cookies or oats that are extremely healthy and also filling. These make a woman feel extremely healthy.

  • Good massage oils

It is very important for a woman to stay happy and relaxed. It makes her feel healthy because a stressed out woman might face some complications in her pregnancy and as it is said stress is the biggest enemy of a pregnant woman especially the baby inside the womb. Therefore, a woman must try out some measures to keep her baby healthy and avoid being stressed. The best way to stay stress-free is for a woman to try a good massage with some essential massage oils recommended during this phase. The best effect can be seen if a specific organic oil is selected for a mother because other than nature there is no better remedy for her.

  • A healthy breakfast

The most essential meal of the day is breakfast. It is very important for a woman to take some healthy breakfast as this essential meal matters a lot at the start of her day. To choose a perfect breakfast one may easily count on organic products to start the day in a healthy way.

  • Indulge in yoga for mental and physical peace

Physical and mental peace is very important for a woman during her pregnancy. This matters a lot because any sort of tension may have some adverse effect on the baby. Also it is important for a woman to have some sort of physical exercise in her daily routine. To choose the perfect exercise for a pregnant woman, yoga is an extremely safe choice. A woman may include some basic yoga asanas in her routine to stay fit and make her look and feel healthy.

  • Maintain blood pressure

Maintaining a proper blood pressure is very essential for a pregnant woman as blood pressure matters a lot. High blood pressure tends to bring some complications during the delivery of the baby and same is the case with low blood pressure. It might not only harm the baby but also make the mother unconscious in some cases during normal delivery. Therefore, it becomes very important for a woman to take some supplements for maintaining her blood pressure and keeping herself healthy.



  • Must not include intense workout

A big no to intense workout activities like jogging or running as this may harm the health of the baby and make it unhealthy. For this, a woman must take care of the type of activity she is indulging in. She must draft her routine in a way that includes a healthy and simple walk for half an hour or so with no excess exertion.

  • A big no to weight loss products

Weight loss products are usually for losing weight which is not possible during pregnancy. A woman gains weight and might continue to have baby fat even after delivery. But supplements for weight loss must be avoided as after the delivery is the lactation period when a mother feeds her baby. She must only consume healthy food and during pregnancy these might lead to a bad effect on a mother’s health and on the baby’s nutrition inside the womb.

  • Must not eat unhealthy food

All types of unhealthy foods, especially street food must be avoided during pregnancy as these are unhealthy and may affect the baby. Therefore, it is very important for a woman to take care of the type of food she eats during pregnancy and make sure she eats well and stays fit.

It is very important for a woman to take care of these factors as these also influence the health of the baby. Take care of yourself and enjoy the precious nine months of a miraculous life.


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