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A baby's skin easily develops rashes and allergies. Using synthetic diapers can cause rashes and skin allergies to your baby. The alternate to this is organic cloth diaper. These diapers were not available earlier but nowadays, these are available in abundance. Organic diapers are very popular among young parents.

Why organic cloth diapers?

Organic cloth diapers are made of natural materials like cotton, hemp and bamboo. These diapers are gentle against the baby's skin. They cause no harm to the baby's soft skin. The synthetic diapers contain many harmful chemicals that not only affect the baby's skin but also can enter the body. Some of these harmful chemicals are:

  • Dioxins: Chlorine bleached diapers result in the traces of dioxins. They can damage immunity, affect hormones and may even cause cancer.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds: Ethylbenzene, toluene and xylene are some of the VOCs that can lead to neurological disorder.
  • Sodium Polyacrylate (SAP): This is the material used to make the absorbent center. It causes irritation and may lead to staph infection.


Types of organic cloth diapers

  • Pre-fold cloth diapers: They are quite economical. These diapers are rectangular and flat. They are to be folded into desired shape and fastened on the baby by adding a cover on the top.


  • Fitted cloth diapers: These diapers do not require folding. They have multiple layers of absorbent materials. They are fastened on the baby with the help of hooks.


  • Pocket diapers: Its waterproof cover has polyester lining which works as a pocket between lining and a cover. A pre-fold or an absorbent can be inserted in that pocket.


  • All in one cloth diapers: Generally consists of two absorbent layers sewn inside of an outer waterproof cover. They are an improved version of pocket diapers.


  • Hybrid cloth diapers: They allow inserting a number of absorbency layers in them that may be both cloth and disposable. Hence the name hybrid.

Organic cloth diapers are healthy and safe for the baby skin. So, keep that bottom smooth and say no to rashes. Organic cloth diapers are best for the baby.


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