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This is a lovely process but some things need to be kept in mind while doing anything that may have a harmful effect on the baby. One should not forget that it not the mother’s body now, but also the life of the little one which is developing inside of her. So, the following list of do's and dont's should be kept in mind always and one should not forget that, they are carrying a baby inside of them:

  1. Don’t Smoke or take drugs

Smoking or taking drugs during this delicate time will have a very harmful effect on both, yours and the baby’s health. It may also, ruin the baby’s growth. It may be harmful in the ways as, cigarettes can cause the babies to be low-weight, or babies being born prematurely, or babies being born with respiratory problems. Also, the maternal smoking may also lead to miscarriage or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Taking drugs, will lead to the problem of having the baby born with abnormalities.

  1. Say no to alcohol

When you are on your way to bring a life to this world, then you should make sure that he/she shall come as safely as possible and there is nothing that can stop you from making the baby being born with no abnormalities or diseases. As, the alcohol very well crosses the placenta and reaches the baby, it should be kept in mind that the baby is still developing its liver and the capacity of it being able to process the alcohol as fast as we can, is impossible. So, prevention is better than cure. You can also take herbal supplements to strengthen the liver.

  1. Avoid Chemicals

All kinds of chemicals like, pesticides, paints, cleaning products or any environmental chemical should be kept away from a mother-to-be, as it would harm the growth of the bay going inside the body of the mother. The actual harmful effect is still unknown but when the precautions can be taken, we shall not risk the life of the baby at any cost. Use herbal products to eliminate the toxins in the body.

  1. Eat Safely

Another very important point is to eat safely according to the prescribed foods only. Basically, the foods that contain bacteria shall be avoided as these might cause stillbirths, miscarriages or infections in your baby. Certain foods like, caffeine, rare meat, shellfish, certain cheese shall be avoided as much as possible. Also, the kitchen hygiene should be maintained properly including washing of fruits and vegetables, storing of meat, fish and dairy products separately and the correct temperature and washing of hands after handling of raw food especially meat.There should be lot of intake of calcium, protein and iron in high quantities as it will enhance the health of the mother along with the baby.

  1. Dying of Hair

It is normal to dye hair during the period of pregnancy but one things that should be kept in mind is that enormous doses will have a harmful effect on the baby as all it is, is simply chemical only.

  1. Dental X—Rays

The dental –rays shall be avoided, although they are thought to be safe, but on a precautionary basis, we shall not take any risk with the health of the baby.

The above tips on pregnancy care are very essential in knowing the things that are good or bad for the unborn baby. These tips shall be followed even after some time of the birth of the baby because the baby still is dependent on the mother for the feed, so, for at least six months the same things need to be followed.


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