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It is true that a woman while she is pregnant, finds a hard time accepting the changes in her body. So, the body should be taken utmost care during this phase of her life. It is important as well as different as she might feel sad at one moment and may laugh her heart out just the other moment. The daily changes need to be coped up with and the stress and tension shall also be looked after. The most helpful resort during this time is usually the massaging of the body that gives relief to the physical strain, muscle tension and the frequent aches. For overcoming all of these difficult times, the would-be-mother should undergo the massaging which will help her cope with the stress altogether. The following points shall explain the importance and positive effects of the massage oils on the bodies of the would-be-mothers:

  1. Pregnancy massage or prenatal massage, as it is called, is beneficial for the body as it relaxes both, the physical and the mental condition of the woman. The body and mind feel at ease when the mother undergoes the ever important massages before bringing the little one in the beautiful world. Various massage oils contain herbal extracts that have medicinal benefits as well.
  1. The massage of the back during the pregnancy, with the help of ayurvedic massage oils, will be a great savior during this phase. Also, the mother-to-be generally feels an acute back pain during this period and massaging with a moderate pressure can make the things to be better.

  1. The massaging in the trimester should be avoided as it is not recommended by the doctors and may cause adverse effects. A doctor should be consulted in the first three months of the pregnancy as it is the most delicate period for a woman.
  1. The various kinds of body massage may include the breast massage which helps in avoiding the stretch marks and keeping the breast in tone, Foot massage which helps in inducing deep relaxation and helps in the avoiding pain in the foot, Head Massage which relaxes mind and helps in relieving anxiety and the complete body massage which helps in the strengthening of the muscles, bones and joints which is essential during this time. It also relieves all kinds of pains and aches. There are different kinds of massage oils available for different massages.

  2. Leg cramps if any, can be removed by the massage of the calf using massage oils.
  1. If the massage has started right from the early days of pregnancy(after consulting the doctor) , there will be no stretch marks after the delivery, which is normally the chief complaint of which the would-be-mother is apprehensive about.
  2. Dark skin Coloration and itching can also be avoided by the regular massaging. Also, the massage should only be done by the massage therapist and no other person as it is the most delicate and crucial part of any woman’s life.

Hence, it is important to know the importance of using massage oils in an appropriate way and also, making sure that they are done in a right way and only when it is required. Choose the right massage oil for the right purpose and enjoy a blissful pregnancy.


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