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Mosquitoes are attracted by warmth and smell. Your little baby’s oil, lotion and creams contain perfume which draws the blood-sucking organisms towards her. Baby’s heart pumps faster than normal grownups and this also acts as reckoning agent to mosquitoes. There are many anti-mosquito products available today. Here are a few ways to fight these pests and keep your baby safe.

Mosquito Repellent Bands

Those new mosquito repellent bands have a separate pouch for special oils which keep the mosquitoes away. These oils are natural and organic and cause no harm to the baby. Plus, no extra safeguarding is required. Just wearing the mosquito repellent band on the wrist completes the procedure. Make sure that your child wears it at times when he or she is outdoors and stays protected. They come in different attractive colours and your child will even develop a liking to them.

Mosquito Repelling Patches

The great minds of the world have invented mosquito repellent patches out of annoyance towards mosquitoes. Now there is no problem for you if your baby refuses to wear the bands. You can just stick these patches in a place where the baby can’t find them, for example, on the backside of baby’s clothes.

These are simple and effective. The stickers usually stay put for more than 10 hours but rest assured, you can reach your baby after this time interval and you only need to renew the sticker to continue keeping your baby protected.

Diffuser Oils for your Home

The fumes from regular mosquito coils used in home cause irritation to your little babies’ fragile lungs. Use organic diffuser oils to keep your home sanitary as well as keep mosquitoes at bay. Diffuser oils that repel or kill mosquitoes come in various kinds:

  • Alpha-Terpinene
  • Castor Oil
  • Cedar Oil
  • Citronella Oil
  • Cinnamon Oil
  • Clove Oil
  • Lemongrass Oil
  • Eucalyptus

Keep them in a diffuser near your bed, in your living room and near your baby’s abode at an elevated place to keep the baby safe. These usually last for 6-8 hours and you can refill after that to do away with the mosquitoes.

Herbal Sprays

  • Herbal Home Sprays

The effect of diffuser oil may not reach every crook and angle of your house, for example behind the TV set and under the sofa. Mosquitoes will solicit camp in such concealed places and you know that babies are experts in reaching obscure spaces. That is why you need herbal home sprays to completely eradicate the mosquito issue.

  • Mosquito Repellent Body Sprays

Sprays and lotions for direct application on the body are also available in the market. Get them and apply on the uncovered portion, on baby’s hands and legs to keep baby protected from blood sucking monsters. Sets of spray and sanitizer collections are also available to let you get rid of mosquito problems.

Anti Mosquito Candles

Light an anti-mosquito candle in the vicinity of your baby at a high place and out of reach. These last for more than 60 hours. You can relax and be assured that no mosquito can approach your baby while this saviour is on duty.

Anti Mosquito Mostick

An anti-mosquito incense stick will deal with the wandering mosquitoes inside your house and pull them down. Eco-friendly and organic, they are so effective that you can keep a stock throughout the year for protecting your baby and family.

India is a tropical country and you cannot possibly create a space completely devoid of mosquitoes for the baby. Dodging them is a better idea. You already know the conventional preventive measures like keeping the surroundings clean, floor sanitised etc. This article has provided you ways to do dodge mosquitoes like a boss.


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