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Keeping the baby clean is an extremely important task. A little bit of laziness can cause health issues in babies. Also, how to put all the products to best use goes a long way in helping you keep your baby clean. Using these products provide an effective and efficient way to wash all the germs off your baby’s skin.

All you need now is know all the products available in the market that’ll make your baby love its bath.

  1. Baby shampoos:

Just like us, the baby too gets its skin and hair dirty. The baby doesn’t know the difference between neat and untidy; it goes anywhere and everywhere it feels like. So, a proper shampoo to wash off all that dirt, dead skin and dandruff is extremely important. This time is also crucial to give your baby soft and silky hair so that it is maintained to grow in the same way. A very important thing to remember about baby shampoos is that it should not affect the baby when it enters its eyes. It should be diluted and surfactants must not be used so that the baby remains tear free. The pH of the shampoo should remain approximately 7.


  1. Baby soaps and body wash:

Newborn babies have the most sensitive skin. The soap should be extremely mild and gentle. It should not be made up of harsh chemicals. Natural ingredients are the best for cleansing a baby’s skin. Don’t go with the television commercials where the baby has a lot of lather. They are not at all necessary to keep the baby clean. Odourless soap is best for the kids because there are chances that they might not like the smell. Also odourless soap indicates that there are no harmful chemicals added in the soap to make it smell good.


  1. Baby oil:

Massaging the baby before it is taken for a bath is a very good habit. It is best if you massage your baby before it takes a bath. If the oil you are using is very thick or when it is very hot and humid outside, a bath is necessary. This is because the oils also clog the pores of your baby’s skin if left all day. If your baby has dry skin, it is best if you massage it after the bath.


  1. Baby tubs:

That’s right! You don’t have to worry about where to keep your baby. Your baby will love it and so will you. They come in all types. The baby will be very comfortable in these. They also have a concave shaped feature to keep the head of the baby firm.


  1. Bath towels:

They are made especially for kids with their delicate skin in mind. They are mostly made of pure cotton. They have a variety of designs that you and your kid will love.

It is the perfect choice to dry and cover up your child after its bath.


  1. Bubble baths:

The baby will love its bath even more now. However, it is not recommended for kids below 3 years. Bathing will end up as fun and play time for the kid. It also cleans away all the dirt and reaches areas the soap might have missed.


  1. Baby conditioners:

It is better to take care of the baby’s hair right from the beginning. Applying conditioner detangles the hair and also prevents it from forming knots after the bath. It also has a no tears formula to prevent the baby’s eyes from tearing up.


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