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The gentle touch of a baby's skin will definitely make you lose yourself in a different world. But this smoothness can go away if proper baby lotions are not used. Also, remember that the market spoils you with a variety of choices. Keep in mind that for skin hydration, ointment works the best followed by moisturizers and lastly, lotions.

Why all this hydration?

Baby's skin is the most effective in absorbing and releasing water. Excessive dehydration can lead to rashes, acne and even eczema. Your neighbour will have a good laugh then!

Massage is a solution to many baby problems. When it’s wailing at the TV, hold it and gently massage the back. Feel its skin and analyse the dryness. Massage can cool down its temper and provide it some much-needed sleep. So much work!

Ok. I am cool. How do I choose the lotion!

  1. Go through the ingredients. Olive oil acts as an extremely good moisturizer.

  1. Tear free formulas will cause your baby to cry less.
  2. Glycerine gives a glossy look.
  3. Vitamin E and C punches it with antioxidants to protect the skin long.
  4. To make skin supple, sweet almond oil is used.

What is the power behind?

Essential oils: They are usually manufactured from leaves or bark of plants. All the good things which go into your skin are the essential oils. Lotion is one example. But usually, they are diluted in carrier oils and used to massage the skin.

I want to know how it works!

  1. On the skin, a thin layer of the lotion is formed. This adds moisture plus it attracts some already present in the air. After all this the chemicals in it give it the particular nature of being smooth, anti-ageing and more.
  2. If it’s a cream, an oily barrier is seen on the outermost surface of the skin which stops the water from departing away.

Should I be scared?

No product in the market comes with a risk-free factor.

  1. Be a quality freak! - Lotions go through a lot of industrial process before they become gentle enough to the baby. Make sure that the company is a trusted one. Locally made ones can cause rashes or even acne on the skin.
  2. Warning: Wanted Bacteria! These tiny but powerful microbes can even contaminate the lotion. Search for the manufacturing and expiry date on the packet and use accordingly. Otherwise, the hospital beds are waiting!

Good news! Make your own lotion in the comfort of your home!

Well, you can trust yourself the most right? Completely natural. Go on be that super mom.


  1. Quarter cup of almond oil.
  2. Quarter cup of beeswax.
  3. Half a cup of coconut oil
  4. Chamoline oil especially for babies.
  5. Can use any other mild essential oils


  1. Mix all the ingredients in a storage unit.
  2. Pour water on a pan and heat it gently.
  3. Place the storage unit over the pan till they start melting. Stir it.
  4. Store and provide your baby's skin with utmost nourishment.

But here's a thought

While lotions provide all the nutrients at the lowest risk, there are some methods which you can teach your baby and make it the core of its life. This shall not make it complete chemical lover.

  1. Obvious. Drink lots and lots of water. Best solution for freshening up the skin.
  2. Use less soap. After your baby plays in the tub, apply less soap and do the washing fast.
  3. It is suggested to use a humidifier in the room where the baby sleeps. It shall at least not wake up wearing a drought.

Just another escape route

Shea butter with some essential oils acts as a perfect lotion for the baby's skin.


Skin development at early stages is very vital. Don’t overload your baby with nutrients. Create a timetable to feed the skin. After all, your mission is to make your boy/girl a hero/heroine.


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