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Many of the traditional shampoos have many things that are harmful for a baby. It could cause the following problems to babies:


Traditional shampoos have sulfates, which are considered acceptable to be used in situations where contact with it is brief and where they are thoroughly rinsed away. It has been said by FDA that prolonged contact of these chemicals with the body causes mild irritation to skin, eyes and other body parts. This is especially harmful to those who have sensitive skin (like babies).

Why does a tear free shampoo not sting?

Any shampoo either for adults or babies contains surfactants (surface active agents). One of the surfactant molecules is water. The other one being the one repelled by water but attracted by oily substances. The surfactants reduce the surface tension (it is the elastic tendency of liquid due to which it acquires the least possible surface area) of a liquid, allowing our shampoos to spread and penetrate in a much better way, and then remove the oily surface known as sebum from our hair and scalp.

Baby shampoos use detergents which have long chain surfactants, such as sodium trideceth sulfate or polymers other than ionic polymers. These are believed to be les harsh than the normal detergents available in the market. Also, baby shampoos use only small amounts of these cleansers in the shampoo.

Tear free formulas generally leave out such sulfates like sodium lauryl sulfate, which can be irritating to the scalp as well as the eyes. But then to remove these surfactants, there is a cost to be paid. Sodium lauryl sulfate – which is in part formed from coconut fat or palm kernel oil—is the agent (chemical) in shampoos that really makes your hair clean.

Coconut fat or palm kernel oil are the chemical agents in shampoos.Although tear-free shampoos still clean hair, they don't remove oil as thoroughly. But when you consider this for a baby, it is more than enough for these cute little beings. They are hardly ever exposed to environment where they would require shampoos with deep cleansing action.

Due to the absence of these surfactants, the tear free shampoo does not sting the eyes of the tiny tots and you always find them without tears and smiling and happy when they bathe.

What is more is that you can even use this shampoo as a product to clean all parts of the body as the shampoo is adept and appropriate for that too. This way you will save money too.

Use tear free shampoo and see your child smile during a bath.


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