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It’s never easy to leave your child in anyone else’s care. Modern lifestyle demands that either both parents work, or have to go out at least for some time during the day. And since most families are nuclear, it is not often that you get the chance to leave your baby in your mother or mother-in-law’s hands, somebody who, you are sure, knows how to take care of a child, perhaps even better than you. Here’s where professional babysitters come to the rescue. Though we know babysitting to be a mostly Western phenomenon, people all over the world are integrating the concept of babysitting in their lives.

Be it daily babysitting or just for a short period of time, the age-old question remains the same–how to find that perfect babysitter who will provide a flawless service. A few tips will help you shortlist, and eventually choose a great babysitter.

  • Check the references the applicant brings. This may seem to be an unnecessary, time-consuming task; but believe me, you, it pays off. By making a couple of calls, you can get a glimpse of what to expect from the applicant if you hire them. However, also remember to compare the situation the babysitter has handles in the past, the duties they had been assigned; because each family and each baby may have separate demands from the babysitter.

  • Carefully cover all aspects of the applicant’s life that may influence their work. Construct the interview questions to cover the applicant’s background, education, experiences, habits, goals, etc., to gauge their personality. It’s better to do this in an implicit and dignified manner, without being too nosy.
  • Do a trial run of babysitting during the interview, see how the baby bonds with the babysitter. After all, it will be the baby, not you, who’ll be spending time with them. See how they manage tricky and contingent situations, how they discipline the child, basically, how they go about the job.
  • Keep a tab on how your babysitter is performing either by asking your child about how the day went, or by fixing a nanny cam, or by asking your neighbour to check on your child and the sitter some time during the day.

  • Loosen your purse strings a little, because it’s no surprise that better experienced, hence older babysitters charge more than the younger ones.
  • Don’t settle for someone you are not satisfied with. Even if the babysitter is doing everything perfectly, yet you are not entirely satisfied with them, just don’t hire them. It will do your peace of mind a whole lot of good. As the baby’s parent or guardian, you have every right to deem anybody else unfit to look after your child.
  • Delineate the exact duties the babysitter would have prior to striking a deal. Tell them exactly what they have to do–Bathe and Change the baby, feed the baby Cereals or cook separately, put the child to Sleep, help with homework, etc. Make everything clear right from the beginning.
  • Always have a backup, for whatever the reason may be–your regular babysitter is unavailable or can’t make it; or you’re having to let them go…but always keep in mind: never fire a babysitter without having a backup.
  • Go with your instincts. Yes, finally, as clichéd as it may sound, decide with your heart. After all, it concerns your child.

At the end of the day, everything apart, you want your child in safe hands, and for that, it is imperative that you put a lot of thought into whom you hire to be your babysitter. Don’t be paranoid about the baby’s safety; instead, carefully select the people you choose to leave your child with.


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