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Buying baby bibs is something every parent must face after they conceive a baby. Bibs are not only useful but they are extremely good looking when put on a baby. There are various types of bibs which you can go for. Some are tailor made for just feeding while others serve even more functions. Bibs are available in a variety of different styles as well. Baby bibs tend to feature popular patterns and children’s cartoon on them to engage the baby during feeding time. Also it helps in making sure that you do not have to go do the laundry millions of times a day. They keep the baby and his clothes safe from the dribbling and food.

There are a few factors which every parent must before they go out to find the perfect bib for their baby. Here are some of them.

Buy bibs which are easy to clean

Bibs need to be cleaned every day after meals. That being said you know that you will be washing the bibs quite often so try to buy a bib which is easy to wash. There are various bibs in the market today which ensure that the bibs can be cleaned easily no matter how dirty they get. Some of the simplest options for cleaning baby bibs are wipe downs, machine wash and hand wash. Follow the instructions given on the bib though. You do not wish to wash a bib it is not meant to be washed. 


Go with the right fit

Bibs need to be tied snugly to the baby’s neck. A bib when it is fit tightly to the neck of the baby is hard to remove and you want bibs like that. If you are going for bibs which tend to be easy to remove babies will get them off while you feed them. You do not want that. Also a loosely fit bib will ensure that all the food slides down on to the baby’s clothes and you do not want that. Check the bibs before you buy so that you know it is the perfect fit for your baby.

Are they easy to fold and carry?

No one wants to use a bib which cannot be carried. Bibs can be placed in your diaper bag and you will need to carry them around when you are travelling with our baby. If you cannot pack it properly in the diaper bag you cannot carry it with you. Pick a bib which is easy to fold and keep in your diaper bag. Do not pick a bib which takes up too much place either as that will take up all the places in your diaper bag.


Do not miss of the comfort

 Bibs are supposed to be comfortable. Your baby may be wearing bibs for only a small part of the day but if they are not happy while wearing the bib their entire appetite may go down the drain. You do not wish to deal with tantrums and drama from the baby because of an uncomfortable bib. There are many reasons for the discomfort. One of the very common reasons is that the baby feels that the bib hurts around the heck. That can be a major problem for the baby since it will develop an irritated neckline which will distract the baby and he will ask it to be removed. It can also be hurting the skin it the material is a bit coarse or the bib is tied too tightly around the neck.


Attractive baby bibs work the best

Find out what our baby enjoys and then go buy baby bibs patterns with a similar cartoon or anime character on it. Make sure you pick bright colours as that will engage the baby thoroughly and make sure that you are able to go about the feeding easily. It will also make meal times less lengthy as the baby will be engaged with the bib while you finish the feeding task efficiently.

These are some of the factors which will help you pick out the best bib for your baby. You can easily find cool baby bibs at affordable prices.  Same factors need to be followed while buying burp clothes.


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