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Through the last few years there has been a huge increase in the amount of baby bibs being produced. Bibs are one of the best baby care products around. Bibs are always really helpful in making sure that your toddler stays clean during meal times. There are various types of bibs as well which have certain positive and negative points. However as a parent you need to know the types so that you can make an accurate buy for your baby. Bibs with their cool designs and amazing functionality is a must have for any new parent. If you are looking for a new bib then go through the lists of various baby care products for newborn and you will certainly come across some really nice bibs.

Here are a few common types of bibs found in the market today:

Pain or regular bibs

These are the types of bibs which you would expect when you think of the phrase baby bib. These are the most common types of bibs and they lie flat to the baby’s chest. They are made from terry cotton or poplin cotton. There are pockets at the bottom of the bib sometimes to catch things as well. If you are looking for a great all rounder bib then this is the type to go for. They may be a bit old fashioned and plain but the functionality of these bibs are really great. These are easy to find as well and nowadays regular bibs are coming out which feature cool design of anime and cartoon characters on them which will keep your baby smiling.


Feeding bibs

Feeding bibs are just what the name suggests. They are technically used while feeding the baby. Since feeding can be a messing task these bibs are also called messy bibs. These bibs are made from an easy to clean material like rubber, plastic or neoprene. They also often have a pocket or pouch to ensure that the food is caught if they fall. They may be great for any type of feeding or other messy activities but the size and weight of these bibs make it impossible for general use. There are also designs found on them which keep the baby interested while you go about feeding him or her.

Bandana bibs

Dual purpose bibs like bandana bibs are really handy. These bibs are one of the most popular one due to the fact that they are really useful and look extremely cool. Dribble bibs are known to ruffle up like a bandana when worn but the functionality of these bibs is not lost. These ruffles are what help in catching dribble. As the dribble leaves the baby’s mouth it is caught in the folds of the bib and doesn’t touch the baby’s skin or the clothes. This is not done by the other types of bibs since they are flat. They are really useful for preventing dribble rash of any kind. While these bibs are extremely useful you also have to remember to use them properly. You do not wish to use bib by tying it too tightly against the baby’s neck. Make sure that the material never touches the baby’s neck in its entirety. Leaving a little bit of gap and don’t worry there is virtually no chance that food or dribble will get lodged I that small gap which you will leave.


Novelty bibs

Novelty bibs are fancy bibs of various sizes and shapes. They are based on the idea of a plain bib but the design is much fancier but they tend to functional as well. You can find novelty bibs in a variety of types including designs like strawberries or stars to fit your baby’s mood.


Scarf/Neckerchief bibs

If you want a cross between a scarf and a bib then you should opt for these scarf bibs. They are really nice and comfortable to wear. They are tied around the baby’s neck but they do not reach down in a flat manner like most other bibs do. They can also be used as a scarf during winter seasons to keep your baby’s neck warm. They are really cheap and can easily be found in any baby care products list.




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