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Only mothers know how important those three trimesters are. Especially, when it comes to first pregnancy constant fear of what to eat or not can confuse and stress you as much as possible. Dry fruits are something that give you more nutrition than the diet sheet. Not every one of us loves to eat something healthy but not tasty. Dry fruits and nuts are sufficient in essential vitamins and minerals and can help your nutritional needs when you’re pregnant. Plus they are high in fiber. Especially nuts with brown coats can ease yourconstipation problem, the most common complaint put forth during pregnancy. Here are some points how dry fruits will help you through your pregnancy.

Almond and dates are high sources of calcium, which reduce the risk of hypertension during pregnancy. It also helps in making your muscles and bones and your baby’s, stronger, which is an important point to take care of during pregnancy.

Nuts and dry fruits are the best source of iron and protein. A study says that around 27 mg of iron is needed every day, especially during your pregnancy. Your body needs iron to generate more blood volume and also aids in making extra hemoglobin for your baby. The iron in your blood will help the baby receive plenty of oxygen from your lungs.

Getting enough iron is important to prevent anemia. Vitamin C helps your body in consuming iron efficiently, so have nuts and dry fruits with a glass of orange juice or lemon juice to increase your iron intake.

Walnuts give you the strength of Omega 3 that helps in a healthy development of your baby’s eyes and brain. Some proteins can help in weight gain, increase your baby's birth weight and considerably lower the risk of any disease.

There is a very high level of vitamin A in dry apricots. This comes from large amounts of beta-carotene that your body converts to vitamin A. This is a vital nutrient to help your body utilize red blood cells to develop your baby’s vision, and keep your immune system healthy.

There are other benefits of these tasty dry fruits. Dry fruits (http://www.joybynature.com/collections/dry-fruits) and nuts contain natural sugars and hence are easily digestible. They provide quick energy that helps feed the muscles. Studies show that mothers who ate dry fruits during pregnancy gave birth to babies with less breathing issues.

Dried peaches contain iron, potassium, vitamin A and copper, plus give you a large 34% of your needed vitamin A for the day and contain potassium, and copper. They also provide 18% of the iron you need for the day.

On top of hormones, fibers you receive from nuts and dry fruits add the iron you get from your prenatal vitamins. If you are not eating enough fiber, you may not be able to go as often as before you were pregnant. Eating dry fruits during pregnancy can help you get all the required fiber daily.

Now, revise your diet chart, happily with a tasty yet nutritious food. It is always a good idea to look out for your dietary options during pregnancy. Some foods can help in a good growth and health of both you and your baby and some foods, you have to stop. Dry fruits during pregnancy offer all the fiber, proteins, vitamins, and minerals to keep your body healthy and nourish your growing baby, but precautions need to be taken. Bear in mind that nuts are high in fat and calories, especially if they have been fried or are sugar coated. For a firm and steady diet, it is best to eat them in their natural state and like with any other food, in balance. A handful of nuts and dried fruit a day is enough.


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