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Baby wipes is one of the most useful items new parents can buy. They tend to be extremely useful in cleaning up newborns. There is a variety of baby wipes uses.  When the baby is dirty it can be problematic to clean him every time with water. Besides using water every time can also cause your baby to feel cold and develop a cold. Because of these reasons baby wipes are good for usage. You can just go about using a baby wipe by wiping the baby’s buttocks after he has pooped to make it clean before you put on a new diaper.  Also in case the baby has spilled food over his chin or chest wipes can be used to clean that off as well. While many parents think that there are not a lot of factors involved in buying baby wipes that is not true.

New parents can feel a bit of insecure buying a new company’s products which they have never used before but when it comes to items like baby wipes they are not much different. You just have to remember some key factors and you will be able to buy the best baby wipes for your baby. Once you find a baby wipe which works well you can buy in bulk and stock up.

Here are some of the factors you should be looking out for when you are buying baby wipes.

Decide on which you want

There are two types of baby wipes being used popularly. If you wish to use a baby wipe which doesn’t need to be cleaned then you should go for disposable baby wipes. These wipes are for one time usage and cost very less. You can buy packets of these where you will get a number of these disposable baby wipes. Disposable wipes also tend to be more sanitary and convenient. They are also much more economical and environment friendly. Although check to see if your baby likes the disposable wipes since there are times when a child can have allergic reactions to disposable wipes where the only option which remains is reusable wipes.

You can buy reusable baby wipes at organic baby boutiques. Also you can make them yourself by just cutting squares of organic cotton cloth or flannel fabric. Reusable wipes are recommended for the first few weeks of the baby’s life. The skin is extremely sensitive following birth and due to that very soft textures can only be applied to the baby’s skin.

Do not buy synthetic fragranced baby wipes

Check to see if the disposable baby wipes you are buying are free of alcohol or fragrance. Be sure to do this if your baby has sensitive skin or is just a few weeks old. Hypoallergenic wipes is a good option for babies which cannot tolerate traditional disposable wipes. Go for wipes which are labelled as thick. They tend to provide a much more substantial wipe. Choose very specific types of packaging if you think it is important to you.

Wipes are generally sold in reusable tubs, zipper bags or travel packs with or without lids so for the one which you think is most efficient. And even if you cannot find the most efficient packaging you can always transfer the wipes to your own zipper bag. Compare the different company and sizes and see which one offers most value and convenience.

Quality over quantity

Try to buy less quantity if you are just trying out a brand. That will help you to make sure that money is not being wasted. After you are sure of a brand then you can buy baby wipe packages of 200 or 300. Large quantities are not generally the best choice since you need to see if the wipes make your baby feel comfortable.

You can moisten the cloth wipes with warm water and also add a bit of gentle cleanser if necessary. Some of the major companies offer reward codes in each package of wipes. You can use these cods to get extra discounts on the wipes as well. Always make sure to go for natural baby wipes as they are the best solution for your baby.


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